Bugatti Spends Up To 700 Hours Per Car On Paint Alone – CarScoops

Bugatti Spends Up To 700 Hours Per Car On Paint Alone – CarScoops

Bugatti Spends Up To 700 Hours Per Car On Painting Alone

Bugatti’s commitment to craftsmanship is well known, but the automaker has now revealed just how much time and effort goes into making each of its cars look as beautiful as possible. According to the company, up to 700 hours of work can be devoted to painting a single car.

The amount of time dedicated to each car’s exterior finish is staggering. This includes preparatory work such as sanding, pre-treatment, and even the application of several layers of lacquer. Once the lacquer is applied, the car is then finished with a variety of special techniques and processes.

The most impressive of these is the application of a unique “tinted lacquer” finish. This is a combination of a tinted lacquer and pigment that is applied in several layers and then sanded down. This process takes a significant amount of time and precision to ensure that the finish looks as close to perfect as possible.

Once the car has been painted, it is then given a final inspection to ensure that the paint job is flawless. This inspection is done by a team of experts who carefully examine every inch of the car to make sure there are no defects. If any defects are found, they are fixed before the car is delivered to its owner.

These 700 hours of work are just a part of the process that goes into creating each one of Bugatti’s cars. The automaker is well known for its attention to detail and its commitment to producing the finest vehicles in the world. This level of craftsmanship is evident in the cars that it produces, and the time and effort that goes into making them look perfect is a testament to the company’s commitment to excellence.