Bugatti will not make SUVs.  The company makes it clear

Bugatti will not make SUVs. The company makes it clear

Anscheidt confirmed Mate Rimac’s words that Bugatti has no plans to produce an SUV, despite the fact that many manufacturers, including high-end ones, have them on offer. Even Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, and even Rolls-Royce or Bentley have chosen this trick. Bugatti has no plans for an SUV, and according to the design director of the brand, there is a very good reason for that – the desire to maintain exclusivity.

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Echoing the words of Mate Rimac, Achim Anscheidt said that the second type of Bugatti products, and the SUVs they would be, would greatly weaken the level of luxury that the brand has accustomed its customers to. By developing them, it will have to increase the exclusivity of its best models to distinguish them from the many models that could possibly be SUVs. At the same time, mass production has never been Bugatti’s goal.

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Anscheidt also noted that mass production of SUVs for this company would go against the company’s beliefs, “If it is compared to something, it is not a Bugatti car.” At the same time, the SUV of this brand must be compared with other, although slightly similar models, while the current models of the brand are basically not competitive.