Business as usual | News, Sports, Jobs

Business as usual | News, Sports, Jobs

As the world navigates the uncharted waters of a global pandemic, businesses have been forced to adjust their operations and embrace a new normal. However, for some organizations, “business as usual” is the modus operandi.

The Washington Post recently reported on a handful of companies that, despite the economic downturn, have continued to thrive and even expand. From tech startups to longstanding hospitality businesses, these companies have implemented innovative strategies to remain profitable.

Take, for example, software startup AppZen. The company, which boasts a customer base of Fortune 500 companies, has seen a 35% increase in demand since the start of the pandemic. AppZen sells AI-enabled software that automates expense report reviews and audits. CEO Anant Kale notes that the company has been able to grow due to the increased need for automated auditing.

In the hospitality sector, companies like Airbnb have also experienced growth. Airbnb’s “Experiences” service, which offers unique activities and tours, has seen a surge in demand as people look for alternative ways to travel. Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky reported that the company has seen a 25% increase in Experiences bookings since April.

The success of these companies is linked to their ability to quickly adapt to the changing landscape. For AppZen, this meant ramping up their automated services to meet the increased demand. For Airbnb, it meant expanding their Experiences service to appeal to a wider customer base.

These examples demonstrate that, even in difficult times, it is possible for businesses to remain profitable. With the right strategies, companies can make the most of this unprecedented situation and continue to thrive.

As the world continues to grapple with the pandemic, these companies serve as a reminder of the importance of staying agile and adapting to the ever-changing environment.

In the face of a historic crisis, these organizations have exemplified the value of business-as-usual. By leveraging sophisticated technologies and innovative tactics, they have proven that it is possible to stay profitable and continue to grow, even during the most challenging times.