But Ducati speaks out against the team’s orders

But Ducati speaks out against the team’s orders

(Motorsport-Total.com) – The first half of the 2022 MotoGP season was a success for Ducati. The Italian brand has won six of the first eleven races. In the developers’ position, Ducati is already 74 points ahead of Yamaha.

Francesco Bagnaia will be forced to capture 66 points for the World Cup in nine races


At least one Ducati rider started from the front row in all eleven races – eight times from a pole stand. And at least one Ducati rider stood on the platform in all eleven races. No other label can access this song record.

“As a developer, we are satisfied with our results,” sports director Paolo Ciabatti said. “But we are far behind in the drivers’ position. The gap is huge. Consistency is calculated today when you look at where Fabio and Aleix are in the overall position.”

After eleven races, Johann Zarco, third in the World Championships, is behind by 58 points for the World Cup. They are followed by Francesco Bagnaia and Enea Bastianini, 66 points and 67 points respectively. After Sachsenring, Bagnaia was trailing by 91 points.

His victory at Assen and Quartararo’s absence at the same time narrowed the gap before the summer break. Four times Bagnaia did not collect any points. There was also a weak race at the start of the season. As the 15th place in the Indonesian rain race.

Paolo Ciabati

Sports director Paolo Ciabatti talks about the successful first half of the season, but … zoom

“Pecco zero numbers have reduced our chances of winning the World Drivers’ Championship. That is always our goal. It will be a tough challenge for the rest of the season,” Ciabatti breathes. Because once again Ducati pursues the ultimate goal of the world championship of drivers.

“It’s still possible. We can still get a lot of World Cup points. But in reality it will be very difficult. Fabio and Aleix are always ahead and they don’t make any mistakes. We have to work hard.”

All drivers are free to choose

With eight operators, Ducati has the largest ranks in the arena. With the exception of Luca Marini and Fabio di Giannantonio, six more drivers have already taken the stage this season. Can Ducati use this concentrated power and give firm instructions?

Johann Zarco, Fabio di Giannantonio

Ducati forbids consistent order at this point in the season zoom

“Basically, we don’t like team orders,” Ciabatti says. “Of course, if one driver still has a place in the final race and the other doesn’t, then you think about strategy. But that’s a strange situation. We’re not in it.”

“That’s why there are no team orders at the moment. We just tell our drivers not to do too much tricks against their teammates. We can still remember Dovizioso and Iannone a few years ago in Argentina. We want to prevent that.”

“We tell our drivers to respect other drivers of the same brand more. If possible, they should avoid extreme tricks. But everyone is allowed to win the race if there is a chance.”