Buying guide: Jaguar E-Pace – problems, offers and prices

Buying guide: Jaguar E-Pace – problems, offers and prices

The Jaguar E-Pace is a compact and sporty heavyweight. Autovisie explores the issues, offers and prices in this buying guide.

After a long delay, Jaguar also succumbs to the temptations of the sports corporation. After the well-received F-Pace, the smaller E-Pace will be released in 2017. Although not groundbreaking, the smallest SUV from the English brand is a unique alternative to well-known brands and models in its segment.

The Jaguar E-Pace range of cars

Jaguar takes inspiration from the F-type for the E-Pace design, model code X540. With this sports car, the 4.39-meter-long SUV shares, among other things, the shape of the headlights, hood, taillights and upper range of the sloping coupe. Depending on the version chosen, the E-Pace has good looks, good or strong.

The options list mentions LED headlights with LED matrix, fixed panoramic roof, different roof color, electrically operated tailgate, Black Pack and R-Dynamic sports package. Running boards and stainless steel trim are available for an off-road vehicle-like appearance. Due to Jaguar’s choice of a steel body, the E-Pace weighs almost as much as the larger F-Pace, which is largely made of aluminium. The 2020 facelift brings a more forward look with new headlights with optional LED pixel technology.

Jaguar E-Pace Interior

The interior is also influenced by the F-type, with a three-spoke steering wheel and a surprising handle that connects the dashboard to the central console. The high belt line and flat windows give a sense of security. The instrument is analog/digital or fully digital and is paired with the 10-inch InControl TouchPro infotainment system.

The list of options mentions 3D navigation, driver assistance systems such as cruise control and traffic assistant, head-up display, parking assistance and a 360-degree camera system, Adaptive Dynamics, Meridian audio, a variety of different skin colors and seat temperatures. and cool down. The R-Dynamic package with sports seats and a black headliner provides a sporty feel. The 2020 facelift brings a new 11.4-inch Pivi Pro infotainment system, AndroidAuto/Apple CarPlay, a sleeker lever and new options such as a 3D surround camera system and ClearSight rearview mirror.


From the introduction, there is a choice of two transversely mounted four-cylinder Ingenium engines, a 2.0 petrol engine (250-300 hp, 365-400 Nm) and a 2.0 diesel engine (150-240 hp, 380-500 Nm). A new entry-level engine (200 hp, 365 Nm) will be added in early 2018.

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The 2020 facelift brings new engines and new (stronger) hybrid technology. The gasoline range is extended to a 1.5-liter three-cylinder gasoline engine without (160 hp, 260 Nm) or with plug technology (309 hp, 504 Nm). The plug-in version has an electric range of 55-62 km. The introduction of micro-hybrid technology makes four-cylinder engines cleaner and more economical. The diesel offering is also revised (163-204 hp, 380-430 Nm).

Jaguar E-Pace Transmission

The E-Pace has front-wheel drive or four-wheel drive with a manual or automatic transmission. Entry-level diesels are available with a six-speed manual gearbox or a nine-speed ZF automatic transmission.

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The petrol engines and the more powerful diesel engines are equipped with a nine-speed automatic transmission. The 1.5 petrol engine (late 2020) is mated to an eight-speed automatic transmission. This also applies to PHEVs. Standard AWD includes a single Haldex clutch. Active Driveline AWD has two electronically controlled clutches. This system distributes the power of the car not only between the front and rear axles, but also between the rear wheels, which increases the driving dynamics and creates the feeling of a rear-wheel drive car. The permitted towing weight of the E-Pace varies for each version, but is a maximum of 1,800 kg.


The Jaguar E-Pace shares its PTA platform with the Range Rover Evoque and Land Rover Discovery Sport. The independent front suspension is paired with an independent multi-link rear suspension.

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The chassis has a sporty layout for emphasis. With larger wheel sizes, this is at the expense of comfort. The optional Adaptive Dynamics suspension with electronically controlled dampers ensures a well-balanced driving characteristic. The operating system is numb, but accurate enough. Wheel sizes start at 17 inches and end at 21 inches.

Which one should I get?

The E-Pace is no lightweight. Anyone who values ​​performance as much as looks will buy a gasoline or diesel engine with at least 200 hp. In addition to the basic model (17-inch, fabric), there is an option of S (18-inch, LED lights, leather, navigation), SE (19-inch, Meridian, Park Pack) and HSE (20-inch, entry without key, perforated leather, digital instruments, Storage Package).

Jaguar E-speed, price, problems, offers, buying guide, buying advice
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All versions can be equipped with the R-Dynamic sports package. The special editions are the Checkered Flag (R-Dynamic sports package, panoramic roof, digital instruments) and the R-Dynamic Black Edition (R-Dynamic sports package, 19 inches, red brake calipers, roof panoramic, privacy glass). From the end of 2022, the E-Pace will only be in the price list as the R-Dynamic. The brand takes the opportunity to further expand the standard equipment.

Should it be a Jaguar E-Pace?

The Jaguar E-Pace stands out with its brand name, design, styling and character. The biggest drawback remains its heavy weight. The entry-level car weighs around 1.8 tonnes and that increases to over 2.0 tonnes for the plug-in hybrid. The interior is not overly spacious and the cylinder engine is powerful enough, but lacks inspiration can also be reasons to skip the model.

Autovisie’s conclusion after the introduction remains valid: E-Pace is not groundbreaking, but it is an excellent alternative to the German competition and a good choice for lovers of sports driving characteristics. And do not forget to be isolated, because it is not a car that you meet on every corner of the road.

Here’s how much they cost

Less than 100 copies of the Jaguar E-Pace are sold on Prices start at 33,000 euros for the P250 AWD SE (2018, 100,000 km) and 35,000 euros for the P250 AWD R-Dynamic (2018, 90,000 km). P200 AWD SE with low odometer reading (2019, 38,000 km) costs 38,000 euros.

Jaguar E-speed, prices, problems, offers, buying guide, buying advice
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The P300 AWD comes in the range from 42,000 euros (R-Dynamic, 96,000 km). A facelift model with a petrol engine is available from 48 grand (P160 Launch Edition, 2021, 45,000 km). The P300e AWD plug-in hybrid costs at least 58 grand (R-Dynamic S, 2021, 37,000 km). The diesel bandwidth is 28,000 to 45,000 euros.

Part prices

Front brake pads, per set € 225.88 Front brake discs, per set € 103.33 Front right control arm, from € 239.44 Pirelli P Zero, 235/50 R20 104Y, per piece from € 234.20 Air conditioner condenser incl 7 Water pump dryer, from € 263.92

Price applies to 2018 Jaguar E-Pace P200 AWD and includes VAT and excludes installation.

Maintenance costs

Minor repairs from €400 Major repairs from €600

Maintenance interval (P200 AWD) is 26,000 km/2 years.

Advantages of Jaguar E-Pace

+ Appearance

+ Driving dynamics

+ Unique

Negative points for Jaguar E-Pace

– Heavy

– Rigid chassis

– Rear legroom

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