BYD Atto 3 is Already on Sale and with Immediate Delivery

BYD Atto 3 is Already on Sale and with Immediate Delivery

BYD is an abbreviation for “Build Your Dreams,” which roughly translates to “Construct Your Dreams.” Don’t be fooled by this message that sounds like it came from Mr. Wonderful. BYD is very serious and is one of the largest car manufacturers in China. It is the world leader in plug-in vehicles (EV + PHEV) and the second-largest producer of batteries for electric cars (only surpassed by CATL). That’s quite impressive.

So when BYD announced its ambitious launch of 100% electric products to conquer the Old Continent, it was something to take seriously. This strategy includes the large sedan BYD Han and the family SUV BYD Tang. Along with these, the Atto 3 is also making an appearance, a model that is sold under the name BYD Yuan Plus in other continents.

This is the most affordable model of the brand and also the most compact in size, measuring 4,455 mm in length, 1,875 mm in width, and 1,615 mm in height. The Atto 3 displays a defined style created with the European public in mind by the German designer Wolfgang Egger, who has previously worked for SEAT, Alfa Romeo, and Audi. The exterior of this SUV, built on the e-Platform 3.0 architecture, has a pleasant and understated look defined by the “Dragon Face” design language.

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The exterior design is quite attractive and tailored to European tastes. The bumpers have generous air intakes that seem more suited to combustion engine models than an electric ones. The sides have smooth surfaces, the C-pillar has a contrast finish and a dragon-scale pattern, and the 18-inch alloy wheels complete the look. The onboard charger flap is located on the right front fender.

A molding runs across the front of the vehicle, and under it are the daytime running lights that go beyond the LED headlight cluster and continue with a LED bar across the entire width of the vehicle. At the rear, the LED taillights are connected to each other, reminding me of those on Smart #1. Overall, it’s a pretty attractive car, and the only thing that doesn’t quite fit is the “Build Your Dreams” inscription, which stands out too much on the tailgate.


The commercial range is structured into two finishes: Comfort and Design. The entry-level Comfort trim comes with a very extensive range of standard equipment, including keyless entry and start, a heat pump air conditioner, a huge panoramic sunroof, a wireless smartphone charging base, heated and electrically adjustable front seats, leather upholstery, ambient lighting with various colors, and front and rear parking sensors.

Meanwhile, the Design trim adds an electric tailgate opening system, specific ambient lighting in the door handles, an air purifier for the air conditioning, a larger multimedia screen, and incorporates V2L (Vehicle-to-Load) technology. This technology allows for bidirectional charging, meaning that it can use the energy stored in the car’s battery to recharge electric devices (such as an electric bicycle, for example), offering energy up to 3.68 kW.

The doors of this vehicle can be opened with a normal key using the hands-free access function or with an NFC card, a solution similar to the one used by Tesla in its models. The downside of the card is that you have to take it out of your pocket and place it on the rearview mirror, where the reader is located. It is only on the right rearview mirror, so if you are on the other side of the car, you cannot open it. It is not entirely practical.

Inside, the materials give a sense of quality, are visually attractive, and offer many areas of a soft touch. The design may be a bit extravagant for some, but it is certainly very original. There is nothing that looks generic, and it feels like BYD has made an effort to create a striking and unique cabin.

Elements related to sports are surprising. The shapes of the dashboard represent tense muscles, the peculiar cylindrical air vents look like weightlifting bars, the gear lever has a kettlebell-style design, and the central armrest is inspired by a treadmill belt.

Furthermore, the interior door handles are integrated over the speakers or door gap with three elastic bands that resemble a guitar. And it’s not just for show, because each string has a different length, they emit a different sound. So, perhaps the more skilled individuals could compose a melody.

There was no lack of imagination, except for the 5-inch LCD instrument panel, which is perhaps too basic. The resolution is good, and there is a lot of data from the onboard computer, but it would have been nice to see navigation instructions reflected here as well.

BYD has chosen to concentrate the information on the infotainment screen, which holds another surprise that goes unnoticed at first glance. It’s a 12.8-inch (Comfort) or 15.6-inch (Design) touchscreen that has the peculiarity of being rotatable. Yes, you read that right. With the touch of a button, it can rotate electrically to be placed in either a horizontal or vertical position. However, if you’re wearing polarized sunglasses, you won’t be able to see anything when it’s in the vertical position, but there’s no problem when it’s horizontal.