BYD Celebrates 20 Years In Europe

BYD Celebrates 20 Years In Europe

BYD one of the five largest Chinese investors in the Netherlands

BYD Europe has been operating in Europe for 20 years. The main event this week was celebrated with a special ceremony in Schiedam, the BYD European headquarters website since December 1998.

Speakers at the event included Isbrand Ho, CEO of BYD Europe, Mr. Guosheng Zhang, Economic and Trade Adviser to the Chinese Embassy in the Netherlands, and Mr. Cor Lamers, mayor of Schiedam. The latter also spoke on behalf of the city of Rotterdam. The next reception was attended by Mrs. Barbara Kathmann, Rotterdam’s economic affairs alderman, and customers, distributors and other partners of BYD Europe.

“With our new energy solutions, BYD is making a positive contribution to the development of clean air transport across Europe,” said Isbrand Ho, CEO of BYD Europe. “Battery technology makes the air we breathe more clean. BYD and BYD customers make a significant contribution to sustainability. The Netherlands is a landmark guide country. It is the country where we first deployed our full-fledged air-conditioning buses five years ago. We will continue to play our role as innovators in the industry in the future. We continue to work closely with academics, customers and the government. We can also maintain our leadership position in the market with increasing competition. “

“We feel very connected to the Rotterdam region, and the Netherlands and Europe. BYD Europe does not just celebrate the 20th anniversary in continental Europe. In particular we celebrate our anniversary in this city. We feel welcome here and supported by the local government and our partners. , customers and distributors.

Sir. Guosheng Zhang, economic and commercial adviser to the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in the Netherlands: “Over the past 20 years, BYD has achieved unique goals in the Netherlands. What started as a battery distributor with a small number of employees has grown into a fast-growing company with more than 90 employees and activities in the field of solar energy, energy conservation and electric vehicles. The certification of “Invest in the Netherlands” by the Dutch government is further proof that BYD makes a significant contribution to the Dutch economy and is a valuable member of Dutch society: all the facts we look back with pride. BYD is a state-of-the-art company specializing in technological innovation that makes everyday life better. Innovative high-tech enterprises such as BYD create new opportunities for cooperation between our two countries and are the main strength of China’s economy.

Cor Lamers, mayor of Schiedam: “Our region and city provide excellent facilities and opportunities for companies looking to establish themselves here. In this commercial garden, on the border with Rotterdam, BYD has a chance to continue growing. I emphasize the word ‘stay’ here, because the company already has a very interesting record. BYD is one of the five largest Chinese investors in the Netherlands. The fact that BYD has chosen to establish itself here confirms the position of the Rotterdam area as an attractive area for companies specializing in innovation and sustainability. A profile that fits well with everything that Schiedam manages. “

BYD Europe was the first foreign branch of the Chinese Company BYD in 1998. The first activity was to import BYD batteries. Within a few years, new activities were added, including the sale of solar panels. Since 2012, the portfolio has expanded to include electric buses, forklifts and taxis. Energy storage and – more recently – electric trucks are also part of this these days.

With more than 650 electric buses sold, BYD is the largest and most successful supplier of electric buses in Europe. Two years ago, European bus production moved from China to two factories in Hungary and France. The Hungarian factory in Komarom has since developed electronic buses for Dutch customers Connexxion and Syntus and for the Swedish bus company Nobina. Special 12-meter buses for Brussels Airport Company and customer bus chassis in the UK are also from Hungary. The Beauvais factory in France is responsible for the collection of electric buses for the French market and, since opening in October 2018, has delivered several electronic buses to three cities in France.

The partnership between BYD and Alexander Dennis, the UK’s largest bus manufacturer and coach, has resulted in a 60% market share in the UK. The first is the award for the first two-class electric bus order for Transport to London and the United Kingdom. 37 BYD ADL two-storey electric buses will be unveiled later this year.

BYD forklift division is also growing rapidly in Europe. This year the network expands to France, Scandinavia and Poland, bringing almost the full coverage of Europe. The entire network currently has 50 dealers. Last year, the number of forklift truck orders grew by 40%. Another important milestone was reached this week: the delivery of the 1,500 elevator truck to a European customer. The purpose is to double this number of sales in 2019.

In the past year, BYD Europe has entered two new markets: the electric truck and the commercial automotive market. Two prototypes, an electric tractor for airports, ports and distribution centers and a 7.5-ton electric truck came to Europe in 2018 and have completed the pilot phase. The next step is to create a sales team and vendor network. The official launch is scheduled to take place later this year.