BYD e4: with 4 engines on wheels it does things that have never been seen in a car

BYD e4: with 4 engines on wheels it does things that have never been seen in a car

There are many new cars capable of doing things that were previously unthinkable, but Chinese manufacturer BYD presented an innovative platform that has so far only been seen in experimental solutions or prototypes of the future. With brands Yangwangdebuts in a premium production car, the BYD e4 platform, and i engine installed directly on the wheels. One of the most important safety features is that, even in the event of steering and braking errors (eg in a road accident or breakdown) the car can slow down freely to a stop. But there are many other reasons that can make top developers jump out of their seats.


THE motors in wheels They are a solution that several manufacturers of tires and original equipment components of cars have worked. This is the so-called solution all in one, referring to the fact that almost all elements (traction, transmission, operation), including those that were already, are attached to the wheel. This solution has the direct effect of increasing the useful volume of the passenger compartment with resettable elements for temperature management and high voltage and more flexibility. However the international presentation of Yangwang U8in which BYD (which stands for Build Your Dream) demonstrated the potential of the e4 platform 4 wheel with integrated motorslooks like one a show of force of China’s Automobile Industry, which exceeds production standards.


The first notable feature of BYD e4 platformis that the motors are placed directly inside the wheels, with all the benefits that come with it reduction of non-growing mass. It is something that will also mark other electric SUVs, such as the electric Mercedes G-Class, which should be called EQG, by 2025. In the meantime, however, BYD expects that the e4 platform will be a feature. All Yangwang electric vehicles. Some of the key points that emerge from the video below are for example:

– 1100 horsepower, mounted on individual wheels to ensure stability at all times discipleship better when driving;

each wheel being stable tasks that in traditional cars are performed by electronic assistance systems such as TCS, ESP, ASR. The company explains that to adjust the torque delivery according to the grip, the number of revolutions is controlled every thousandth of a second;

– the possibility of move around the placeto continue diagonally or do an inversion of the direction of travel on the site thanks to reversing the direction of rotation of the motors. No mentiontire wearwhich is predicted to be high during this maneuver considering the black lines that the SUV leaves on the ground;

– the ability to win slope up to 32% even in soft or slippery conditions, like those of the Alxa desert in Monogolia. However, these are conditions it drives like on the road that require special training.


Thinking motors in wheels very close, one thinks of bad roads and often floods during heavy rains. According to the promises of the Builder, BYD e4 platform it is also designed for crossing rivers, as the electric motors in the wheels and body are rated. IP68. The car should even float and run with the engine revving up to 20,550 rpm. What’s even more interesting about daily driving is that electric motors can do it themselves stop the car from 100 km / h in 40 meters even in the case of Poor steering and braking. We may not see it in Europe anytime soon, but the direction the electric car industry is going is clear.