BYD offers small electric cars at affordable prices

BYD offers small electric cars at affordable prices

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BYD offers small electric cars at affordable prices

By Mario Hommen/SP-X

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A small electric car for only 10,000 euros? German car buyers can only dream of such prices. A new Chinese car won’t change that.

The small car “BYD Seagull” is available in China for more than 10,000 euros.

(Photo: BYD)

Along with “Seagull”, the BYD car company has presented a small electric car that is about 3.80 meters long and has a range of more than 300 km. The basic version is offered in China for more than 10,000 euros. According to “Car News China”, more than 10,000 orders for the five-door model were received just 24 hours after its launch at Shanghai Auto.

For the Seagull, BYD relies on the standard single-box format for small cars. Thanks to the 2.5 meter long wheelbase, up to four occupants should find a comfortable space. At the rear there is a flat car floor. At 1.54 meters, BYD’s new model leaps over conventionally powerful small cars by a few centimeters.

Choice of two vehicle variants

However, there is space in the lower body for a 30 or 38 kWh battery, which allows a range of more than 300 or 400 km. Customers can choose between two variants of the car with 55 kW/75 hp or 75 kW/102 hp.

A 12.8-inch touchscreen dominates the cockpit as part of displaying and controlling the vehicle’s functions and infotainment system. Driving-related data is displayed on a five-inch screen behind the steering wheel.

The euro version is likely to be more expensive

BYD has not commented on a possible European transmission version. To meet EU approval requirements, the automaker will have to invest heavily in the Seagull’s safety technology, which is spartan in its home country. So the euro version should be more expensive than the Chinese version presented now.

BYD is currently expanding in Europe. With Dolphin, the manufacturer recently presented an electric car in the Golf class, which should also be available in Germany from the summer at a price of probably 30,000 euros. In China, the Dolphin costs a cool 15,500 euros. (thg)

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