BYD offers three models in Europe

BYD offers three models in Europe

BYD wants to conquer the European market with Atto 3, Han and Tang models. (Photo: BYD)

The leader of the electric car market in China is coming to Germany. By the end of the year, BYD wants to start selling in this country. The company has now announced this in The Hague and promised three models.

The entry marks the Atto 3, with a length of 4.45 meters against vehicles such as VW ID.3 arrives. Following the status as an SUV, it runs with a 150 kW/204 hp engine on the front axle and, according to the manufacturer, reaches a maximum speed of 160 km/h. The battery has a capacity of 60.5 kWh and should enable a range of 420 km.

After Atto comes to Tang, comes Han

Atto’s big brother is the 4.87 meter long Tang, which has a single motor per axle for all-wheel drive. According to BYD, they come together up to 380 kW/517 hp and allow a top speed of up to 180 km/h. The battery in the floor under the cabin with a maximum of seven seats provides 86.4 kWh. According to information, this is enough up to 400 km.

The third in the group is the five-meter Han sedan, which competes with cars such as the Tesla Model S or the Mercedes EQE. It uses the same motors and has a battery capacity of 85.4 kWh. Due to better aerodynamics, however, it can travel up to 521 km.

Although the Chinese are already giving accurate information about the technology, they are still silent about sales. They do not name their vendors nor allow prices to be solicited from them. Both should be revealed only in summer.