BYD once again demonstrated its unique position in the domestic market in China. Automakers sold 104,338 New Energy Vehicles (NEVs) in March. BYD pioneered the Tesla electric car in its place. Musk and his team got 65,814 units in the same month.

BYD is well known in China. Gone are the days when cars made in China passed all crash tests. The Stromer and hybrid models from BYD are ahead of the German competition. A beautiful and stylish design paired with updated software.

“The Chinese will drive many traditional car manufacturers in the face with their programs. The revolution in autonomous driving will clearly overshadow the evolution of electric cars. A new world in which power is the most important competitive factor,” says automotive expert Ferdinand Dudenhöffer to AKTIONÄR.

The Han sedan is still the focus of BYD’s electric strategy. Sales figures have gone through the roof since inception in July 2020.

Photo: BYD

BYD electric model “Han”

The automaker has now released four new versions of its best-seller.

Just six hours after the start of sales, BYD already reported 48,136 orders.

A key piece of the puzzle in BYD’s overall picture is and remains chief designer Wolfang Egger. The former Audi designer joined the Chinese automaker in 2016 to help improve the dino car.

The next addition is already at hand: in the e-mobility segment, the new Seal model comes for the equivalent of 35,000 euros. This is the first time that BYD has a product that competes with Tesla’s Model 3 in its portfolio.

DER AKTIONÄR assumes that BYD will continue to gain momentum this year and will delight analysts, investors and consumers with new products. Ten new electric models are planned.

Photo: IMAGO

One should not forget the battery compartment on the BYD. As one of the few automakers, the company’s boss Wang Chuanfu invested in the production of its batteries years ago, thereby eliminating dependence on foreign suppliers.

“You have to keep that in mind and don’t underestimate the blade battery,” says Dudenhöffer.

A blade battery is a battery based on lithium iron phosphate (LFP). Although LFP cells have a lower energy density than lithium-ion cells, they are cheaper and more stable.

BYD recently announced that it will further expand production capacity in the battery segment.

Chinese brands like BYD are gaining popularity at home and abroad. In other words: With its electric cars, BYD has competitive products in its portfolio that can hold its own globally and can match the Tesla Model Y as well as the VW ID.3 and ID.4.
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