BYD Seagull electric car in China under 10,000 euros >

BYD Seagull electric car in China under 10,000 euros >

Photo: BYD

At the Auto Shanghai trade show last week, Chinese companies presented the western rather than the other way around, which is the best in their industry – and 65 of the 93 exhibits, many of them international electronics, put on a real show. of an electric car. there. Domestic competitor BYD, which presented the new Yangwang luxury brand and the cheapest electric car under its brand to date, had several presences at the trade fair, where Tesla was not at all visible. The final prices were followed this week: They start at just under 10,000 euros.

Chinese electric car with 30 kWh battery

Pre-sales, which started during the exhibition, BYD’s Seagull (see photo above) still cost at least 78,800 renminbi, reports CnEPPost. That was not more than 10,000 euros, and the final starting price is now even lower at 73,800 renminbi (about 9650 euros). With this you get a compact electric car of 3.78 meters and 30 kilowatt hours of battery capacity, which should be enough for a distance of 305 kilometers according to the standard Chinese CLTC.

While luxury electric cars from the Yangwang brand are said to cost more than 1 million renminbi, the top-of-the-range BYD Seagull also remains under the 100,000 mark. The most expensive is available at 95,800 renminbi, still only around 12,500 euros. The battery capacity is then 38.9 kilowatt-hours for a CLTC range of 405 km. It is probably only acceptable in this class: According to CnEVPost, the “quick” charging of the battery from 30 to 80 percent should take 30 minutes.

So far, BYD has only occupied the sub-100,000 renminbi segment with the old Qin, which is available as a plug-in hybrid or electric vehicle from 99,800 renminbi. According to the report, this market segment recorded sales of 3.8 million in China last year, which is 19 percent of total sales. In the 100,000-150,000 renminbi segment, where BYD was very active, 6.7 million cars were sold, or 33 percent of the total.

BYD takes the share ahead of Tesla and VW

However, so far there has been little competition between fully electric cars. One of the best-selling models in China is the small Wuling Hongguang Mini EV, which even costs less than 5,000 euros, but the basic version has no airbags and only has a range of 170 km. In the BYD Seagull, on the other hand, four airbags are standard, and higher versions should also offer modern assistance services such as traffic sign recognition.

According to a CnEVPost report, more than 10,000 orders for BYD’s newest and cheapest electric car were received within 24 hours even at a slightly higher fair trade price. It has the potential to be another sales success in the Chinese market. Sooner or later, the Seagull should also come to Europe, where BYD is already represented by several models. Han’s limousine, for example, costs almost twice as much in Germany as in China. But even at the same charge as the top model of the Seagull, it would cost only 25,000 euros – a price fraction that Tesla as the top dog of electric cars and VW as Europe should not take until 2025.