BYD’s participation: Clear words!  – Financial trends

BYD’s participation: Clear words! – Financial trends

BYD is also struggling to enter markets in Germany, and a market share battle is looming that some people may not be prepared for.

In summary:

  • BYD it is also getting more and more attention in Germany.
  • The automaker has long been taken seriously in the media.
  • Investors also see great potential.

For many investors, BYD has long been a well-known and popular figure, but things are (still?) different in the domestic car market. Many drivers have probably never heard the name of the Chinese manufacturer. But that caused more attention and now it was also mentioned in the “Schwäbische Zeitung”.

There are certainly signs that BYD can stimulate the domestic market with affordable but high-quality vehicles. The image of Volkswagen and Co. is still far away. However, those involved are currently doing their best to change exactly that. Above all, they are developing new cars at high speed and can look back on an impressive value chain.

BYD: it can happen very quickly

Accordingly, domestic automakers are being asked to develop electric vehicles faster and better than ever before. Concerns on the stock market are still low. The multi-brand luxury strategy has worked well so far, bringing huge profits for Mercedes-Benz and others despite falling sales figures.

But the author of these lines also sees signs that the capacity of Chinese manufacturers is being reduced. If BYD does well and rushes into the European market with attractive and affordable cars, which has already happened to some extent, there could be a real upheaval in the car markets in the coming years.

What? is it just pie in the sky?

BYD stock chart

Of course nothing has been decided yet. But for now it can be said that BYD is on the right track. Many investors seem to think so too, because the group’s shares have been on a roll for some time. The price has increased by almost 25 percent since mid-March. Last year, the The cost of shares BYD albeit under great pressure. However, the long-term uptrend in the chart remained unaffected.