Cadillac Lyriq: ,500 off car purchase if you participate in the test and feedback program

Cadillac Lyriq: $5,500 off car purchase if you participate in the test and feedback program

Kadilaki he gave one $5,500 discount for customers who buy or rent a LyricThe brand’s first electric SUV, and a special one to accompany test program. These selected customers are asked to provide real-time feedback on how they use the car. Also, you need to share some travel data and other information about your used car.

Customers who agree to enter the program must sign a privacy agreement that it will not allow owners to discuss car issues with outsiders a General Motors (of which Cadillac is a part). In fact, these kinds of plans are usually made with the involvement of the company’s internal staff, which GM wants to ensure that no confidential information about the new Lyriqs can leak through. customers trying the SUV early.

Lyriq very important for the future of GM, starting with the intention to produce only electric vehicles by 2030. among the first GM vehicles to use a battery pack Ultium of the company, which relies on the core technology for General Motors’ electric transition strategy. An Ultium battery will be found inside another 29 new electric cars of the GM variety.

The plan of testing and feedback such may allow the GM to do to detect any defects in the vehicle before handing over the vehicles to the press for standard tests. Also for that reason, he asks concerned customers not to disclose sensitive information about a vehicle that has not yet reached the point of sale. Also, with the plan GM wants to reduce the number of call meit is usually always very expensive for car manufacturers when launching a new model.

Only 20 customers have been selected to participate in the pilot program and live in it New York, Detroit and Los Angeles. The selection was made on the basis of driving experience, knowledge of technology and interest in the highest models. Cadillac Lyriq will have a price list $62,990 for a basic example.

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