Cadillac, plan: Alpine power unit and chassis development – Formula 1

Cadillac, plan: Alpine power unit and chassis development – Formula 1

The announcement of Cadillac and Andretti Global’s intention to join the effort to gain the right to enter Formula 1 as an eleventh team took the environment by surprise. However, in the press release issued, the General Motors brand did not provide information on how the commitment in Formula 1 will be formed and if the partnership with Andretti means the supply of power units produced directly by the American giant. Like learning from FormulaPassion after reaching the spokesman for Cadillac, the intention is to develop a power plant in collaboration with the engine manufacturer already.

The plan of the General Motors brand is actually to collaborate for the development of the power unit, without however doing the project from scratch, but using the help of an organization that is already working in Formula 1. In detail, for now. Cadillac is working to sign a partnership agreement with Alpine. If the works are successful, the General Motors brand would bring experience in the field of combustion, turbo and battery technology as a dowry to the French engineer, and the Renault brand, as well as supporting the development of the power unit as a whole. , as already in Viry Chatillon, would focus mainly on the remaining elements of the hybrid system. However, Cadillac’s focus does not stop at the power unit alone. In fact, General Motors wants to capitalize on its experience in motorsport, providing knowledge and design tools for the creation of chassis and aerodynamics. Therefore, an almost universal use would be expected for Cadillac, similar to that of Mercedes, Ferrari and Alpine itself, not just the power unit as it was for Honda.

The history of the last year sees many points of contact between the various main characters of the story. Indeed, Andretti had been rumored as Possible Alpine partner for the LMDh program at Le Mans from 2024, but Andretti himself recently formalized a partnership with the WTR team to manage Acura (Honda) prototypes in the IMSA championship. Andretti also competes in the IndyCar championship using Honda engines, competitors to General Motors’ Chevrolet engines. Finally, the team in Formula E uses Porsche powertrains, the last house that a few months ago was about to enter Formula 1. In the event of the project becoming a reality, so there will be several knots to be resolved in the business. standard, but before that it is necessary to get the green light from the FIA ​​to proceed with the registration.

FP | Charles Platella