Cadillac XT6 Park Assist Retrofits Under Way – GM Authority

Cadillac XT6 Park Assist Retrofits Under Way – GM Authority

General Motors has commenced retrofitting of Cadillac XT6 vehicles to equip them with park assist technology, according to GM Authority.

Park Assist, which is part of the automaker’s Super Cruise driver assistance system, helps drivers maneuver their vehicle into tight parking spots. The technology uses ultrasonic sensors to detect the size of the parking space and helps direct the vehicle into it.

GM began notifying Cadillac dealers of the retrofit earlier this month. The retrofit is available for XT6 vehicles built before the 2020 model year.

The retrofit provides the same features as the park assist system that comes standard on the 2020 XT6. It includes Automatic Park Assist, which helps drivers park their vehicle in parallel and perpendicular spaces, and Rear Park Assist, which alerts drivers to obstacles that may be behind their vehicle while backing up.

The cost of the retrofit is estimated to be around $600 to $700, depending on the dealer. The retrofit includes the installation of a new park assist module, as well as the necessary hardware and software updates. It is expected to take between two and three hours to complete.

General Motors has not yet announced the availability of the retrofit for other vehicles, including the Cadillac CT4, CT5, XT4, and XT5 crossovers.

Customers who own eligible Cadillac XT6 vehicles can contact their local dealer to inquire about the availability of the retrofit.