Calabrian composer signs the soundtrack for the film “Before you go”

Calabrian composer signs the soundtrack for the film “Before you go”

After the success of the film music “E Buonanotte” nominated for best comedy at the Golden Globe 2022, Crotone composer and record producer Franco Eco continues to collaborate with director Massimo Cappelli by adding his signature also to the sound of the new song. the film “Before leaving”.

Available from May 26 on Amazon Prime Video, the film tells the story of two young people – played by the rising stars of Italian cinema Riccardo Maria Manera and Jenny De Nucci – who fight against an incurable disease without surrendering to death, but instead celebrate. life.

“The music follows the path of the theme within the film: I created a leitmotiv, a light waltz that unites the main characters while revealing the transition of life” says Eco, describing the music produced as a musical interpretation of Seneca’s thoughts.

The closer aspect also makes the writing of the Crotone artist more intense: “Unfortunately, during the production – he says – I lost a very special person due to the same evil told in the film. It seems absurd, but real life is often contaminated by stories of the cinema, it confuses us and leaves us suspended in chaos”.

Precisely in this moment of intense emotional tension, the soundtrack of “Before leaving” saw the light, which Eco dedicates to all those who, due to illness, had to leave earthly life early.

“Among the details I buried a part of my heart” comments the artist who, at the moment, continues to call success, thanks to the ongoing work for the second edition of the Festival of the Sound Series in Reggio Calabria and hopefully also in Crotone, until composition. of the film music “Infiniti” by Cristian De Mattheis and “Settimo gradi” by Massimo Cappelli, soon in the cinema.