California counties hit by mudslides, landslides after storms

California counties hit by mudslides, landslides after storms

After a series of storms swept through California, a deluge of mudslides and landslides has impacted several counties in the state.

In the San Luis Obispo County, the heavy rainfall caused a mudslide that blocked a portion of Highway 1, leading to its closure and impeding traffic. The County’s Public Works Department worked quickly to clear the debris, and the roadway eventually reopened.

The County of Santa Barbara also experienced significant landslides due to the torrential downpour. In particular, Montecito, a small community located near the beach, was hit hard by the landslides. Not only did the mudslides damage homes and property, but an evacuation order was issued for the area.

In Ventura County, mudslides and flooding damaged roads, homes, and businesses. The County’s Public Works Department reported the rain caused a significant amount of erosion, which led to a number of road closures.

In Los Angeles County, mudslides and flooding occurred in many areas, including the cities of Burbank and Glendale. The Los Angeles County Fire Department responded to numerous calls of mudslides and debris flows, and the City of Burbank issued an evacuation order.

The storms also caused considerable damage in Riverside and San Bernardino Counties. In Riverside County, mudslides blocked several roadways, and the County’s Flood Control and Water Conservation District reported that numerous locations experienced flooding. Meanwhile, San Bernardino County had to close several roads due to mudslides and flooding.

The mudslides and landslides caused by the storms have had a devastating effect on California counties, resulting in property damage and road closures. As the counties begin the process of cleaning up and repairing the damage, officials are warning residents to remain vigilant and be aware of potential hazards.