Campo Largo Leaf

Campo Largo Leaf

The Guard of the Municipality of Campo Largo, with the support of the CIOSP, arrested three people suspected of breaking into a residence in the municipality early this Wednesday (25/01), in the avenue of Avenida Padre Natal Pigatto, after they escaped for a movie in the street. medium.

A silver Peugeot car, previously identified as being used in the break-in at Campo Largo, went through the Cyber ​​Wall and entered the city on the BR-277. At approximately 8:30 am, the Integrated Public Safety Operations Center contacted the GMCL teams and passed the vehicle’s specifications.

The Peugeot car was found by a team from the military camp, Rua Joanin Stroparo, Vila Bancária, when the car left, one of the occupants jumped out of the car and was stopped by the GMs. Other teams followed the fleeing car, even driving through the lights and endangering good citizens.

On Avenida Padre Natal Pigatto, the car could not break the traffic barrier and ended up stopped. In the car there was a 29-year-old driver and a 33-year-old passenger. Inside the Peugeot, tools were found that were used by the three to break the locks and break the doors.

The 29-year-old man who jumped out of the car initially passed on false identification, but was later identified correctly and had warrants for his arrest for burglary and aggravated robbery. The three received a voice in prison and were sent to the 3rd DRP of Campo Largo. The car, with fines and debts of more than 15,000, was seized and collected.

Photo: GMCL