Can the Polestar 4 make it onto the fleet?

Can the Polestar 4 make it onto the fleet?

Also available in national preview at Valleunga circuit on 11 April 2024, new Polestar 4 it was shown at Space in Milan in front of the new director general Dimitris Chanazoglou e dell’Head of sales Giovanni Buscemi of the 100% electric brand, which explained the company’s strategies for us, considering this completion of the range thanks to the E-segment SUV – fully electric – with a very high technological content.

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Polestar 4: 2024, the year of decisions

We aim to break even in just two years, due to the sale – or rental – of 155-165,000 units. This is a possible success thanks to the launch of Polestar 3 and now Polestar 4, two SUVs in the fastest growing segment of the market, and which, together with 2, we offer a complete range, covering more than 50. % of the electric market. And thanks to two Spaces in Milan and Rome and seven shipping points throughout the Peninsula, we also cover more than 50% of the territory. Growth in individuals and above all in companies” explains Chanazoglou.

Polestar currently operates in 27 markets around the world and has just received a $1 billion loan from 12 international banks to continue investing.. In fact, the production of Polestar 3 has started in China and then it will be started in the USA, and 4 will also be produced in the Kingdom of Heaven, and then production will also start in South Korea due to a. contract manufacturing and local import house.

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Polestar 4: offer

Basata sulla premium Sustainable Experience Architecture (SEA), Polestar 4 was designed by Zeronaturally bringing development 2 and 3, emphasizing its commitment to sustainability even more, using recycled and sustainable materials for the interior and maintaining great attention to its production line.

It is offered with two different power trains; one long-range enginewith a power of 200 kW and 272 HP for a distance of up to 610 km and a price of 66,900 euros, and Two-engine long-range models therefore with all-wheel drive but the rear engine that is switched off when there is no need, in favor of consumption – with a power of 400 kW and 544 HP for a range of up to 580 km and a price of 73,900 euros. The battery, lithium ion, is 400 V and supports charging up to 200 kW with direct current.

Polestar 4: interesting news

The technological innovation seen in this Polestar 4 is diverse and innovative, starting from… lack of rear window – which in a coupé with such smooth lines would be small and painful – replaced by a rear camera with a 2.5 MP camera, resistant to rain and dust with Gentex technology, which ensures a large field of vision. To continue with the new Mobileye security featurealready ready for level 5 – thanks to the service the driver and in the battle of Luminar – and inner light gems based on the choice of planets from the solar system.

Polestar, a big bus brand

As reiterated by Chanazoglou and Head of Sales Buscemi, the top of the electric world has value “16% of the total“, a sector that in Italy has not yet started, due to the lack of infrastructure but also partly to culture.,” which however we believe can be undermined by shipping companies. Companies we take seriously“.



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