Can Volkswagen claim exclusivity for the maintenance of my car?

Can Volkswagen claim exclusivity for the maintenance of my car?

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Can car owners have their car serviced wherever they want? Builders often argue no, but is it right?

When doing car repairs, some drivers choose a dealer, others for a mechanic. For his Golf, one of our readers chose both: “Repairs were done up to 64,000 km at Volkswagen and the following in my garage”he tells us.

When his car reached 98,000 km, he had to change his timing belt which, according to the manufacturer’s recommendations, should be changed at 210,000 km. “I asked for help from the manufacturer and got rejected, he writes. Land has been requested : I haven’t done any maintenance on the Volkswagen since 64,000 km. Do I have any help? »

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Warranty card for hidden defects

This denial of reform, repeatedly cited, is unacceptable. Customers are free to choose the garage of their choice for routine car maintenance. They just need to be able to show that their car has been serviced by a professional at the specified intervals.

Regarding the timing belt, unfortunately we are late to apply for a legal guarantee of compliance which is valid for two years after delivery. On the other hand, it is possible to play the warranty card for hidden defects that can be requested within two years following the discovery of the defect.

But beware: the defect in question should not be due to the normal aging of the product and should not be attributed to the user.

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