Cannamedical establishes patient advisory board for cannabis patients – Economy & Volkswagen – News

Cannamedical establishes patient advisory board for cannabis patients – Economy & Volkswagen – News

Cologne (ots) – The Advisory Board focuses on improving health and quality of life

Cannamedical Pharma, the German market leader for medicinal cannabis flowers, establishes an Advisory Board for long-term patient support: The newly created Patient Advisory Board provides the company with constant feedback to improve its product range treatment. containing cannabinoids.

The purpose of the advisory board is to better understand the needs and wishes of cannabis patients, improve their health and quality of life and support successful treatment.

The advisory board is made up of ten patients, applications are welcome and possible through our form at

There is no decision about me without me

Cannamedical’s mission is to provide cannabis patients with the best possible treatment options. The Patient Advisory Board is intended to facilitate effective exchanges and joint solutions to be developed to provide patients with better support in the future.

To this end, the Cologne-based company wants to better understand the challenges that cannabis patients face every day. Important topics include questions about the concept of cost, availability of drugs and different dosage forms of cannabis drugs.

Advisory Board members support awareness of issues related to medical marijuana use. At the same time, the exchange should help to better evaluate the symptoms in the future.

“Our goal is to eliminate the daily problems of patients and enable them to have successful cannabis therapy and thus have a better life. We already expect to use the knowledge we have acquired, procedures and offers for doctors, pharmacies and patients can improve,” says Dr. Yvonne von Coburg, Chief Medical Officer at Cannamedical Pharma, who is also the Scientific Leader of the Advisory Board.

Promote awareness and dialogue

Through their own experience and medical history, advisory board members can provide a comprehensive view of problems and thus contribute to possible solutions for improving patient care and treatment.

Deep expertise

In order to be able to answer detailed questions from patients at advisory board meetings, specialists and experts are regularly invited as guests. Marijuana lawyer Lito M. Schulte, better known as LitoLaw, will be on site for a two-day startup workshop.

In the workshop, a legal expert will address topics such as street cannabis and applications for the return of medicinal flowers.

About Cannamedical

Cannamedical Pharma GmbH is a GDP and GMP certified pharmaceutical manufacturer with all licenses to import, wholesale and release medical cannabis products on the European market. The company aims to help people living with chronic diseases by importing and processing the highest quality cannabis products, supplying approximately 4,000 pharmacies and medical supplies. In addition to supplying high-quality medical cannabis products, Cannamedical focuses on providing doctors, medical professionals and pharmacists with valuable information. Production partners around the world comply with the highest pharmaceutical quality standards – EU GMP (European Good Manufacturing Practice) guidelines. As a GDP (Good Supply Practices) certified company, Cannamedical ensures that all steps within the Cannamedical supply chain are based on good supply practices and the corresponding quality standards are met. Cannamedical Pharma GmbH was founded in 2016 by David Henn, it is headquartered in Cologne with a branch in the UK. Since 2021, the company has been part of the Semdor Pharma Group – one of the European pharmaceutical groups specializing in narcotics and medical cannabis. For more information, visit

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