Cannes Film Festival 2023: who will win?  Prediction of palm trees

Cannes Film Festival 2023: who will win? Prediction of palm trees

It’s one day until the announcement of the Palme d’Or and the predictions are going crazy. Little hope for the Italians, but anything can happen to a jury president like Ruben Östlund

Les jeux sont faits, rien ne va plus! In a few hours we will know who won the Cannes Film Festival 2023, and the ceremony will take place on Saturday 27 May at 8.30 pm at the Grand théâtre Louis Lumière of the Palais des Festivals and there will be Chiara Mastroianni as godmother (broadcast live on the event website) Predictions are going crazy, and never a word matched the atmosphere: if predicting the Palmarès is always a very difficult task, for this one. 76th edition it is more so, see the unpredictability of the president, Ruben Östlund

Cannes Film Festival 2023: anatomy of the jury

Inter alia Swedish director, who won the Palme d’Or in 2017 and Square and in 2022 and Sad trianglehe is in the exclusive club of those who won twice (Francis Ford Coppola, Ken Loach, Bille August, Alf Sjöberg, Emir Kusturica, Dardenne brothers, Michael Haneke, Shoei Imamura) and there are those who insinuate – it is a sin to think wrongly, you know, anyway – that if this year the top prize was awarded. Old OakLoach would break the record

And in any case it will not be easy to win over the charismatic jurors such as Moroccan director Maryam Touzani, French actor Denis Ménochet, Anglo-Zambian screenwriter and director Rungano Nyoni, American actress and director Brie Larson, American actor Paul DanoAfghan writer and director Atiq Rahimi, Argentine writer and director Damián Szifrón and French director Julia Ducournau

Julia Ducurnau vs. Nanni Moretti?

Ducurnau, for his part, may not look kindly – even if he swore otherwise – the victory of Nanni Moretti. In 2021, when he won Three floors and TitansThe Roman director said: «Aging happens suddenly. Especially if your film is participating in a festival. And he won’t win. And instead he wins another film, in which the main character gets pregnant in Cadillac. You are getting old suddenly. safe”

Women and the Palme d’Or

Consolidating the prize pool is a factor of “political correctness”: Do you not want to award a woman, given that there are seven of the 21 directors in the competition, (thus bringing the ratio – in the last ten years confirmed to be 16 percent – to 33 percent)?

And, to be in the Zeitgeist, would you like to exclude a documentary in the Palmarès? At the Venice Film Festival he won All beauty and pain and Laura Poitras, at the Berlin Film Festival Sur l’Adamant and Nicolas Philibert. In this case, there are two names in pole position: Les Filles d’Olfa and Kaouter Ben Hania (so that the “women’s section” is also in place) e Young people and Wang Bing of China (yes, there is an “Asian component” to consider, as recent Oscars have shown)

Aki Kaurismaki made everyone agree

What is this name? Young peopleis the only thing “young” about this 76th edition of Cannes: the average (average) age of directors is 65, of female directors 52. And five of them have already received at least one Palme d’Or: Loach, Moretti, Wim Wenders, Hirokazu Kore-eda, Nuri Bilge Ceylan. Only one game has passed the competition selection: Banel and Adama of Ramata-Toulaye Sy aged 39 from France-Senegal

And it is the work of an already established author the only film that has brought everyone together, critics, audiences, insiders: Kuolleet lehdet (Fallen leaves) Of Aki Kaurismakiwhich celebrates the meeting of two lonely and marginalized people

Kuolleet lehdet (The Fallen Leaves) by Aki Kaurismäki

Mia Wasikowska squad

And they are on the list of favorites Kuru otlar özüne (Dried herbs, it’s definitely an autumn festival…) and another master, Turkish Nuri Bilge CeylanAnd Monsters and Mr. Kore-eda. However, if the idea of ​​a “mysterious famolo” prevails (moreover, clearly expressed by Östlund in the previous press conference, here he can also put himself on the stage. Club Zero and Austrian Jessica Hausner, and Mia Wasikowska in the role of the disturbing “conscious eating” teacher

By changing the order of things, however, the result does not change: these same names can fill the “boxes” of the Special Jury Grand Prix, the Jury Prize, Prix ​​de la mise en scene.

Mia Wasikowska in “Club Zero”

Sandra Hüller the best actress and the opinion of critics

On the other hand, according to the opinion of international critics, it will deserve the highest award Area of ​​Interest by Jonathan Glazeran important film about the Holocaust (not included in the “pornography of pain”): it is based on the unknown novel by Martin Amis, who missed the day of the red carpet.

Sandra Hüller in “Anatomy of a chute”

The main character, as the wife of Christian Friedel/Rudolf Höss, Sandra Hüller, also perfect in the second film in the competition, Chute anatomy and Justine Triet: this time they also deny the Palme d’Or to a female interpretation (as they did in 2016 for Meet Toni Erdmann) is a conspiracy.

We are joking: unfortunately we have to consider the “balance sheet”, e Chute anatomy it’s just fine for screenplay recognition.

Koji Yakusho Best Actor?

He won everyone’s heart Koji Yakusho (performance with very few words)cleaner in public toilets in Tokyo at a full day Of Wim Wenders. In praise of a quiet life, made up of very simple and repetitive things, a thousand miles from the frenzy and noise of today in Cannes… The last day has passed in the competition: that the spreading effect after 10 days of the Festival has helped you? For the jury difficult sentence