Car exports: China first in the world (thanks to EVs)

Car exports: China first in the world (thanks to EVs)

Auto exports: China leads the world in auto exports, thanks mostly to the sale of electric and plug-in hybrids. It has passed Japan.

Luca De Meo, n.1 of the Renault-Dacia-Alpine Group.

Car exports: Japan and Germany also passed

The Chinese dragon is becoming more and more terrifying, as he reiterated on Friday at Economic Festival of Trento n.1 of Renault Group, Luca DeMeo. And this great success does not come from cheap city cars copied from western models, as was thought until a few years ago. One third of 1.07 million of vehicles exported from China in Q1 2023 are plug-in vehicles, electric hybrid or plug-in. Mostly SUVs, of all sizes, even if the most successful model is MG 4, a Golf-sized electric car, sold at a very competitive price. Overturning took place in the first part of this year, but already in the last balance 2022 China has risen to second place just behind Japan. Exceeding the national mark of the industry as la Germany.

Elon Musk in Shanghai on the opening day of the Tesla factory.

A major Chinese exporter? A classic Tesla from Shanghai

The pace of growth in China is not sustainable for the competition: in the first quarter it was 58.3%. Japanese shipping defended itself well, climbing 954.185 cars, but the increase was “only” by 6%. What is more interesting is the growth of sales of the products they call in China Snow (New Energy Vehicles), he climbed to a height 380 thousand. Throughout the year 2022 they were sold 679,000. It must be noted that China’s exports also include cars produced there by Western manufacturers. And so we find that in the first place among the statistics of the brand Tesla, that gives Shanghai Gigafactory exported 90 a thousand cars, including the Model 3 also sold in Italy. The group follows SAIC (MG, Wuling, Maxus…) and 50 thousand. BYD is the third and 30,000 car. But all builders feel lonely at first: Xu Haidongn.1 of CAAM (China Association of Automobile Manufacturers) let it be known that the goal is to export 8 million cars in 2030…

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