Car manufacturer (motorsport) motorsport strategy.

Car manufacturer (motorsport) motorsport strategy.

become a world champion. The main goal of each sports team. In motorsport that means: Even manufacturers like Porsche striving for the name of sports. However, the business case in Form E is similarly optimistic. Strictly speaking, it refers to self-representation and renewal as a brand, generate revenue, create profitable and innovative partnerships (including TAG Heuer and Vodafone) and promote electronic mobility in social and political contexts. Porsche Motorsport also has a decisive advantage: incredible charisma as a brand.

The most interesting thing I have is the Porsche brand. […] This property gives us a tail.

Carlo Wiggers on Porsche appeal to donors

inside of Maniac Games Podcast let’s talk to Carlo WiggersHead of Team Management, Business Relations and E-Sports Porsche Motorsportabout Porsche’s sports car strategy and its personal role in the creation of the TAG Heuer Porsche Form E E Team.

Carlo Wiggers, Head of Team Management, Business Relations and E-Sports at Porsche Motorsport

System E is special – “everything happens in one day”. In addition to the special features of the electric race class, we look at other commitments from Porsche Motorsport. Online sim racing and electronic games are already key pillars of the internal strategy. Will the Porsche file be expanded soon to include System 1? More on that in the conversation.

As a digital game, is the sim race a real game show or is it just the world?

Carlo Wiggers on the core issue and vision of (virtual) racing

These are the topics of podcasts in summary

  • That is why Porsche dared to enter Formula E (01:50)
  • On the basis of which KPIs is Porsche’s commitment successful? (04:27)
  • World Cup in One Day: That’s how Form E is special (06:56)
  • This budget is needed to form a Form E team (08:03)
  • About Team Manager Carlo’s responsibilities (09:40)
  • Je! System E is the case for re-financing for Porsche? (12:15)
  • Donors can get these rights from Porsche (14:45)
  • On a good brand partnership between TAG Heuer and Porsche (16:15)
  • Vodafone B2B’s impressive collaborative approach (18:13)
  • Why Porsche attracts advertisers (21:17)
  • On the Power of Online Racing and Electronic Games (25:34)
  • When will Porsche enter System 1? (28:48)
  • Will Form E replace the normal race? (31:13)

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This article was published in May 2022 as Episode # 360 for Sports Maniac Podcast issued.

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