Car Sales 2022 – Ferrari more for sale in the Netherlands than the Mazda MX-5s

Car Sales 2022 – Ferrari more for sale in the Netherlands than the Mazda MX-5s

Auto Review is a newsletter for car enthusiasts. That’s why we had the added pleasure of working on our special sports car (now sold in our web store). If we look at the sales figures for new sports cars, we find that for many fans it is increasingly looking, dreaming and not buying …

There is not much going on with the sale of brand Porsche sports car brands. A total of 1,075 Porsches in four months seems to be a high concern. They do not do that for the Dutch Porsche importer. Certainly not if you know that in the same period last year, around 300 Porsches few left the doors Leusden importers.

When we as sports car enthusiasts look at the numbers for each style, a completely different picture emerges. So far the best-selling Porsche is Cayenne, with sales of 387 units.

The 911 is only the third Porsche

The second number on the Porsche sales chart is the four-door Taycan, with 280 copies. Is that a real sports car? Meh, the fastest sports salon – and electronic as well. Fortunately, Porsche’s third number does not disappoint: that’s it good old man 911, which was able to attract 212 new buyers.

The 718 Boxster (19 units) and the 718 Cayman (6) are located miles behind. So Panamera (97) and Macan (74) must come out. In other words: in the Netherlands, only 22 percent of Porsche sports car brand sales include real sports cars.

We see a similar picture in a group of Porsche brothers Lamborghini: Two Aventadors and five Huracáns crossed the threshold of the theater, against 14 Urus. Globally, the Lamborghini is doing better than ever, mainly due to their larger SUVs.

Car Sales 2022 - Ferrari more for sale in the Netherlands than the Mazda MX-5s

The Mazda MX-5 has lost its sales magic

How does the flag hang in the class of cheap sports cars? Mmm, it does not reach more than half the mast there. At least not with the textbook in this section, the Mazda MX-5. The counter so far stands for 27 little cars, so this year’s total will remain below 100. From 2015 to 2019, the Japanese were still on top of that. He seems to be losing his magic, although the current price of 37,500 euros will not help either.

New Ferrari sales records?

The fact that more than one Mazda Ferrari of Mazda was sold until April is surprising and promising, although it only covers 32 cars, including ten SF90, 812 eight and seven Roma. Would Ferrari also break all sales records next year if it were to market its SUV, Purosangue? But even then we find it unlikely that the entire Ferrari range will approach the Porsche 911 figures alone.

Car Sales 2022 - Ferrari more for sale in the Netherlands than the Mazda MX-5s

Currently, the South German icon also stands alone in the Netherlands. The most popular sports car after Elfer does not even reach half of its sales figures. The closest is the BMW Z4, with 79 units. What about the Audi TT, once the main rival of the Z4? In 2022, it is in one copy so far. Fortunately, you can still buy it as an occasion. Is the Bentley Continental a sports car? We give him the benefit of the doubt, which gives Briton third place in the top 5, leaving Jaguar F-Type (13 pieces) out.

5 best sports cars until April

  1. Porsche 911 – 212
  2. BMW Z4 – 79
  3. Bentley Continental – 38
  4. Mazda MX-5 – 27
  5. BMW 8-series Coupe / Convertible – 24