Car theft between viale Petrarca and viale Ludovico Ariosto: a 30-year-old Tunisian arrested by the State Police.

Car theft between viale Petrarca and viale Ludovico Ariosto: a 30-year-old Tunisian arrested by the State Police.

Yesterday morning around 10.00 State Police arrested a 30-year-old Tunisian citizen on suspicion of aggravated car theft and resisting a public officer.

According to what was reconstructed by Zara police officers, the story began around 07.00 in the morning, when several citizens reported to the emergency number 112 Nue the presence of two men who intended to break the windows of several cars parked along viale Petrarca.

The officers who intervened in a short time, immediately saw two men holding envelopes of different sizes, a woman’s backpack and a purse who, walking fast between the cars, tried to run towards Piazza Tasso.

When they were stopped by the police, one of them immediately lowered the big jacket to the ground, trying in every way to escape the check by kicking them and waving to the policemen who calmed the situation down.

Another, taking advantage of the moment, made a hasty escape, managing, for the moment, to lose his own track.

The 30-year-old Tunisian man, already known for crimes against property, had already been arrested at least 3 times by the police in recent months, each time on the same charge of aggravated car theft, as well as facing action various precautions. including the duty to report daily to police offices.

In addition, yesterday morning the foreigner during the formal inspection was found to be in possession of a real “theft device” consisting of a glass breaker, a screwdriver and a wrench, all of which were seized immediately.

According to what emerged, at least 6 cars were targeted between viale Petrarca and viale Ludovico Ariosto – two Volkswagens, two Opels, a Mercedes, and a Toyota – all with the same modus operandi as the suspect and alleged accomplice. they have found a large amount of loot worth a few thousand euros, including sunglasses, shoes, clothes and personal effects of the victims.

Most of the stolen goods were immediately recovered by agents and returned to their rightful owners.

Investigating the matter further, the guardians of the order discovered some similarities with other incidents of car theft that also took place last night around 05.00 am between via Sogliani and Lungarno Santa Rosa and when at least 4 other cars.

In fact, it is not excluded that the same hand could be behind this destruction and the investigation continues to determine the further roles of the suspect.

Awaiting confirmation of the arrest, the man ended up in Sollicciano for allegedly continuing aggravated robbery.