Carlos Sainz is the star of the F1 season

Carlos Sainz is the star of the F1 season

Ferrari announced in January that Charles Leclerc had signed a new contract for the period after 2024. However, nothing was said about Sainz’s future with the team, but it was thought that this was just a formality with an upcoming announcement.

However, Ferrari shocked the sports world when they confirmed it a week later Lewis Hamiltonand not Sainz, would be Leclerc’s teammate for 2025, with the Spaniard told that this season would be his last race in red.

But while Hamilton for Ferrari was a decision that was welcomed, applauded and applauded, now, two months later, Ferrari are being asked if they made the right decision.

Of the three drivers in the mix; Sainz, Leclerc and Hamilton, it is the recently unemployed Spaniard who is having the best season with three finishes in three starts, as well as victory in the Australian Grand Prix.

Leclerc is yet to beat him in a Grand Prix, while Hamilton is off to his worst ever start in a Formula 1 championship.

It raises the question of whether Ferrari signed the wrong driver and whether they kept the wrong driver.

Webber, an eight-time F1 Grand Prix winner, told Channel 4 Carlos Sanz ‘nothing to lose’ he had after the dismissal: “If you can’t find motivation because you don’t have a contract in your pocket, you have a problem. Now he’s a man on a mission, he has a piece between his teeth and he’s open. driving with the skill of Ferrari, does he regret his action?”

With the ball said to be in Leclerc’s court to prove Ferrari ‘secured the right driver’, Webber’s fellow expert Billy Monger added: “That’s what Charles wants, to prove he’s faster than Carlos and that he can score more points than him in the season.”

“But so far it hasn’t gone in that direction, which probably not a lot of people expected going into the season. Carlos has probably exceeded a lot of people’s expectations about him.”