Cars – BMW M4 Racing Cabriolet: Thunder and Lightning

Cars – BMW M4 Racing Cabriolet: Thunder and Lightning

With the launch of the new BMW 4 series early last year, it was no doubt just a matter of time before Oben Ohnethe implementation will see the light of day. It’s here now. Lawyer ran the most advanced model, the M4 510 hp M XDrive Cabriolet Race.

That is quite true verbally, but the logical result of the inimitable marketing strategy of BMW (we wrote about it earlier). Where the locked M4 is also available with the standard 480 hp, the M4 Cabriolet is currently only available in the Competition version, which brings the counter to 510 hp.

Talking about the inevitable, because in a varied credo ‘more is better’ generally does not count. Not only because an open car by definition is a little harder than a car with a fixed roof, thus making the second one the right tool every time it comes to ‘hard as much’, but especially because the joy of driving transparently lies in enjoying it spacious. view, sun on the roof of the skull and inhale the smell of cut grass. The roar of the gun and the self-deprecating display of muscular strength distort rather than add to the excitement in the scene.

What do you do with it?

And that’s exactly why the M4 Competition Cabriolet feels completely schizophrenic. On the one hand, he wants to be comfortable cruiser on the other hand, he tries his best to imitate a super sports car. That is why he is not both. The 3.0 turbocharged 3.0 twin is quite fun and offers breathable performance: from 0 to 100 km / h in 3.7 seconds and a top speed of 250 km / h, whereas BMW – after leaving behind 1,000 small euros – fun. making it 280 km / h. Because the battle for the status of Alpha is only resolved on the left path.

The eight-speed automatic moves the silk smooth when needed, with the greatest assertiveness possible. The operation of the four wheels is normal, although the system sends a lot of power and torque to the rear wheels, and there are even special sliding conditions. The chimney contains sound and we have not even mentioned an adjustable engine response (‘normal’ or sharp particle).

Strange technique, but it raises a recurring question: what should you do with it?

A strange technique, in which passion strikes his fingers, but occasionally raises the question: what should you do with it? The handling is unquestionable, but you need the song to fully unlock its potential. And yet, that ability is limited by talent and – above all – the courage of a man or woman behind the wheel. The M4 race can do a lot more than most of its drivers. That is where the voluntary carbon comes into play full racebucket seats (€ 4,500) – which we will advise against if you have an L-size – and ceramic brakes (€ 8,754). In addition, if you have a regular cycle, it is best to choose the M4 Coupé, which is not only 20 mille cheap, but also hard and 200 kg lighter.

2 + 2 wide

Appearance is a matter of taste. We don’t need to talk about the big ‘kidneys’ as the current BMW family is dealing with – it’s enough to write about it in the mainstream media. Surprisingly, the front is a model of civilization and self-restraint compared to the newly introduced 7th Series, which has certainly surpassed its bad taste. The back can be called elegant even with a little good intentions. A well-finished fabric roof (40% lighter than its predecessor metal folding roof) looks good on it and opens or closes for 18 seconds. By pressing a button, that speaks, and can even be done while driving. Up to 50 miles per hour, yes, but still: there is nothing worse than being laughed at by your fellow road users in a traffic jam when the sky suddenly opens.

The interior is a typical BMW, and we mean that in a good sense of the word

If the hat is loose, you do not have to raise your voice to about 150 miles per hour. Additionally, wind noise absorbs. This is okay to live with, but the M4 Cabriolet certainly doesn’t set new standards here. With a cap attached, 385 liters of luggage space is in disrepair. If the hat is loose, it remains 300 liters and that is not bad at all. BMW calls the M4 Cabriolet four seats, but that is too much. The wide ‘2 + 2’ covers the load better.

The interior is a typical BMW, and we mean that in a good sense of the word. There are no wall-to-wall style touch screens, but the ‘old school’ physical buttons are needed, and we can’t praise that enough. Finishing and accessories used are of the highest quality as usual, the seats can be placed very low and the steering wheel of the sport feels like an extension of the body. The operation is sharp, accurate and full of emotion, although for everyday use it can be tad on the nervous side. And that’s where it meets the intended character of the cruiser.

Neither meat nor fish

The M4 Competition Cabriolet is neither fish nor meat. It is not a mobile phone for a quiet walk, because it is there too hardcore and he relies heavily on his athletic qualities. However, despite its powerful engine and thoughtful performance, it is not a good sports car either. It is very heavy therefore (two tons on the hook) and lacks the necessary sharpness and agility. But if statement unparalleled, especially in the beautiful Portimao Blau (€ 1,295) where our test car was parked.

The BMW M4 Competition Cabriolet costs € 147,000. Without extra. Our test car had over 30 value-added options on board, so be aware of what you are dealing with. If the violence under the hood and the accompanying sight and hearing concert may be stolen from you, be aware that you will receive the keys to the 420i Cabriolet for € 65,500. It has four cylinders and 184 hp. But for a header such as the M4.