Cars of James Bond and Dr.  No to Skyfall: Casino Royale – News – AUTOWELT

Cars of James Bond and Dr. No to Skyfall: Casino Royale – News – AUTOWELT

James Bond, Agent 007 is one of the oldest songs in TV history. The smart agent has changed several times over time. But whether Pierce Brosnan or Daniel Craig – in any case, Agent 007 creates an adrenaline rush on the part of the viewer and a wild chase. Always on board: top-class speedboats of the extra class.

In Casino Royale, even the real gambler felt left out, so that since the film was made, online casinos don’t stop. And they are modern Casino payment methods Online casinos are currently recording an all-time high. Of course this is also due to new types of slots such as cars and engines.

James Bond fans are currently experiencing the sensational thrill of speed racing for the 25th time. The directors have also taken into account the cultural aspects and classic characteristics of the James Bond characters in the latest film with the cult figure. In terms of hot cars, Aston Martin is roaming the screen again. James Bond fans must know the following cars and models.

Aston Martin DB5 – crowd favorite from James Bond 007 – Goldfinger

When action packed scenes meet Sean Connery’s best acting, it can only be called James Bond 007 – Goldfinger. In hunting rich Mr. Goldfinger, Bond scores in his Aston Martin DB5. The regular car is still in production and costs around 3.5 million euros new.

Designed between 1963 and 1965, the luxury car was released in a limited production run of just over 1000 units. Today there is an opportunity to bring a little Bond into your home with the Playmobil Goldfinger Edition. Models of honesty are not only pleasant to look at. It also makes James Bond attractive to young people.

By the way: James Bond’s original car from Goldfinger fetches more than 24 million dollars. This value was certainly one of the reasons why the car was considered stolen for a full 25 years. Meanwhile, a high-quality piece has appeared again. It is located in the Middle East, although the exact location is still unknown. The current ‘owner’ should return the car.

Casino Royale – beautiful Aston Martin DBS V12

Daniel Craig has an amazing look though, which explains the character of 007. The luxurious Aston Martin DBS V12 is a good match. This luxury sports sled even has an integrated armor section. This special device is of course designed exactly like Bond, so that the compartment was shown in the film.

The top-of-the-line car reaches 100 km/h in just 3.4 to 3.6 seconds: just right for the action-packed battles in the 2006 installment of Casino Royale. Judging by the title, the film is about the idea of ​​poker in a sticky situation. James Bond takes a new job and wants to kill a casino player. Action packed with tension, full of excitement, action packed scenes and perfect picture: This movie is still part of the good program of the evening today.

Specter runners are not authorized for sale

The episode Specter from 2015 caused a frenzy among avid Bond fans. All ten luxury cars featured in the film were not produced for the public. You can admire them in the movies, but you can’t buy them and hit the pavement with them, even with the highest budget.

Reason: Cars are not tested much. This means: Your safety cannot be guaranteed, therefore Legal requirements of the road it has not come true. However, a fan decided to buy the displayed Aston Martin DB10 and paid 1.9 million euros. It is questionable whether buying a garaged car is worth it.

Aside from the bulletproof Aston Martin DB10, viewers will see an incredible variety of automotive industry highlights in the film. In addition to the Range Rover Sport SVR, the strip shows the original Defender. The unique exterior graphics provide a nice contrast to the luxury sports cars that are usually on display.

Cars Never Die

Of course, Aston Martin should not be missing in the latest installment of the James Bond series. This time it is the Aston Martin DB that is winning the hearts of young and old alike. In fact, the DB5 is currently one of the most frequently featured sports cars on film. Since 1964, speed has been photographed many times.

The DB5 also featured in these Bond episodes:

? golden fingers

? thunder ball

? GoldenEye

? Tomorrow doesn’t die

? The world is not enough

? Casino Royale

? Skyfall

? heretic

? There is no time to die

Popularity is certainly related to the technical characteristics of the Aston Martin DB5 and other models. With the DB5, it is the hidden machine guns, the ejection seat and the tire cutter that are part of the special equipment.

Interestingly, in the latest film adaptation of the Bond saga, Bond once again drives a BMW alongside an Aston Martin. In addition, Aston Martin Vantage, DBS Superleggera, Valhalla and other models of the line may be interested.

GoldenEye puts the BMW Z3 Roadster in the spotlight

In fact, the BMW Z3 Roadster is not one of the most famous cars in the Bond series. When it first aired in 1995, things looked very different. Behind the beautiful body there is an excellent technology that can still be seen in the 21st century. Inside sits a radar, a parachute and an intelligent self-destruct system.

What most people don’t know is that the original planning of GoldenEye producers envisioned a Mercedes as the final Bond car, even though there was no suitable model on the market at the time. Since History of the SLK series Mercedes took its course only in the following years, it was supposed to be the BMW Z3 Roadster, which was recently developed at that time.

Have you seen? The price to buy the Z3 Roadster is relatively low. If you want to feel like Bond in GoldenEye, you can get a sports car for prices starting at 4,900 euros. There is a small fighting machine with a maximum speed of 250 km / h.

Other Models Featured The variety of vehicles used in the Bond films is incredible. Aston Martin appeared many times with different models. But other producers also played in previous and current Bond films. Here is a small selection:

? BMW 750il

? BMW Z8

? Toyota 2000GT

? Lotus Esprit

? AMC Hornet X Hatchback

In the upcoming new versions, the cars will bring more technical improvements. Rocket launchers aside, it will probably go digital. In any case, looking at individual parts is already worth it.