Cars that go out of production in 2023 buy for low prices, quality and because they last more than 10 years.

Cars that go out of production in 2023 buy for low prices, quality and because they last more than 10 years.

L’automotive industry it undergoes six changes, involving technology, engine, parts and size. The market is preparing for the arrival of a large range of cars, which means that many models will be completely discontinued, although they are still available on the used market. Here is a list of cars that will stop production during 2023 but which are worth buying for their low price, quality and because they last more than 10 years:

  • FordFiesta
  • Smart Forfour
  • Hyundai Ioniq
  • Volkswagen Passat
  • Ford Ecosport
  • Kia Stinger


FordFiesta is an automotive icon who has amassed a career of 47 years. But the time has come for this car to retire, a resounding goodbye after 7 generations and sales of 16 million units worldwide. Although Casa dell’Ovale is increasingly focusing on SUVs, the little Fiesta will undoubtedly remain a legend in the automotive industry and will be remembered in the history books.

Smart Forfour

Despite the initial doubts of purists, the presence of Smart Forfour, a four-seater version of the popular city car, has hit the streets. With the introduction of the brand’s first SUV, the situation changed significantly, causing the automaker to abandon the mid-size model. This marks the end of an era in the evolution of smart arrays.

Hyundai Ioniq

Hyundai Ioniq has given way to a new generation of electric vehicles that have inherited its name, transforming it into a brand in its own right. After adopting hybrid, hybrid and electric technologies, the first generation Ioniq will reach the end of its career in 2023. This model will be remembered as the car that started the green projects of the Hyundai brand.

Volkswagen Passat

Volkswagen Passat, a model born 50 years ago, will face a major change in 2023. Although the Variant version will continue to be available, the traditional sedan will say goodbye to the European market. This decision will not be accompanied by a feeling of deep regret, as in Italy and throughout Europe, the station wagon has become the main choice. The sedan’s farewell marks the end of an era, but the impact will be limited by the enduring presence of a popular and widespread variant.

Ford Ecosport

Ford Ecosport, after five years of existence on the European market, will give way to the new electric Ford Puma in 2023. This farewell seemed to improve production methods, allowing Puma to become the best seller of the brand in the B-Siv segment. The Ford Ecosport will be remembered as the pioneer of the Blue Oval sports utility vehicle.

Kia Stinger

Kia Stinger, introduced to the Italian market only in 2017, has already stopped its production. In Europe, his retirement is scheduled for next year. This high-end sedan, even in this state, is punished by the arrival of another electric car, the EV6, named the Car of the Year 2022.