Cases of fish poaching and extensive damage to the lake in Windheim

Cases of fish poaching and extensive damage to the lake in Windheim

After a lot of lobbying and a few breaks in meetings, election officer Anton Seuffert was able to announce the full board team for the next two years. With the applause of many members present, Chairman Uwe Kiesel announced that he is ready for another period of leadership. With the newly elected deputy Jacek Chaladyn and Lukas Schulthes as the second treasurer, a generational change in the management level of Bad Kissinger Angler is being prepared for the next term of office. The frequent results of the catch of fish in recent years emphasize the efforts of the association for balanced and above all, healthy fish in the Franconian Saale.

Chairman Uwe Kiesel worked for the last three years of the party due to this tragedy. The party currently has 166 members, 119 of whom are active and eight young people. An impressive 19 new records were recorded at the beginning of the year. There have been several cases of poaching and extensive damage to the club’s lake facility in Windheim by the resident beaver. He credited Hausen’s volunteer fire department for using the pumps to supplement the oxygen supply during the hot summer months and the tireless efforts of the “Lord of the Lake”, board member Christoper Wex. The Franconian lake Saale and the lake had carp, tench, eels, brook trout and zander. Treasurer Andreas Reuß informed about the financial situation of the party. Thanks to the very good results at Rakoczyfest 2022, after alternating years with deficits and small profits, a significant increase in the club’s fund can be achieved. The club is in very good shape financially. Auditors Uwe Hengst and Harry Brückner confirmed that the bookkeeping was flawless.

The honors of the long-term members of 2021 have been created: 60 years Peter Seuberling, 50 years Peter Hofmann, 10 years Juri Meisner, Alexander Nagel, Klaus Weber, Alex Derewjankin, Klaus Hertlein, Siegmar Mahlmeister and Anton Seuffert.

Honor 2022: 60 years Klaus Winterstein, 50 Peter Rössner, 25 years Gerriet Heuten, Philipp Schäfer, 10 years Alexander Bonegart, Eduard Au, Bernhard Weber and Florian Heuring.

2023: 50 years Stefan Gleissner, Peter Gleissner, Thomas Deeg, 25 years Andreas Schmitt, Edwin Böhm, 10 years Benjamin Fehr, Steffen Kiesel, Marvin Kiesel and Martin Denner.

Club and grass fish of the last three years won by the following: 2020: Waldemar Miller (carp 3500 grams), Alexander Ferrari (pike 1820 grams); 2021: Udo Sell (pike 6000 grams); 2022: Juri Meisner (carp 2360 grams), Erwin Schmitt (acting king of angler, pike 4300 grams), Sebastian Etzel (pike 4250 grams).

Under the leadership of Anton Seuffert, the new elections brought the following results: 1st Chairman Uwe Kiesel, 2nd Chairman Jacek Chaladyn, Water Manager is Alexander Derewjankin, 1st Treasurer Andreas Reuß, 2nd Treasurer Lukas Schulthes, 1st Secretary Christoph Biohlawek, Second Secretary Alexander Ferrari Alexander Ferrari. .

The auditors are Sascha Kaufmann, Christoph Hein, Andreas Hensch, Joachim Betz and Michael Bieber and auditors Harry Brückner and Uwe Hengst.

The 2023 calendar of events includes the club and traditional fishing, works at the club’s lake center in Windheim on February 25 and May 13, the Rakoczy Festival from July 28 to 30 and participation in the holiday program on August 26. In addition , a warehouse assignment in Hausen is scheduled for September 2.