Celebration!  Ferrari F1 Customer Collection replaces Imola

Celebration! Ferrari F1 Customer Collection replaces Imola

After their competitive life, many F1 cars to be judged. Because of the unique engine offers and cost savings, the cars come in very often it is not finished in the market. Even when they are fully functional, they actually stay non-saleable.

After all, few people have the expertise to build, maintain and balance a classic Grand Prix machine. Plus, with a screaming V10 or V12 you can’t even get in many laps anymore. An exception to that rule, however, is found in Ferrari. The Italians have a whole unit dedicated to running old F1 cars.

Big difference

The F1 Clienti program is still exclusive. No other team has mounted such a large operation. A large field filled chassis of various types usually produces good picture and sound. Unlike most teams, Ferrari is not afraid to run early turbo hybrid machine. As a result, almost all types of engines are represented: V6, V8, V10 and V12.

Final Mondiali Imola

This weekend the ship F1 customers can be found on the iconic circuit of Imola. The series serves there as a support class for the various Ferrari Challenge championships. The European, North American and Asian versions of the championship are all coming together to stage their final race.

The main theme of Finali Mondiali doesn’t matter to us though. After all, the sound of the 488 Challenge is nothing compared to that of the 412T2 or F2004.

The classic service cars of legends such as Jean Alesi, Alain Prost, Gerhard Berger, Michael Schumacher, Felipe Massa and Kimi Räikkönen capture the imagination. We are already looking forward to the many indoor shots that will be made this weekend.