Celebrities who will no longer buy a Ferrari in a showroom.  The list includes, among others, Nicolas Cage and 50 Cent

Celebrities who will no longer buy a Ferrari in a showroom. The list includes, among others, Nicolas Cage and 50 Cent

Although Ferrari does not sell very many cars, it prefers to maintain the status of a luxury brand rather than winning sales at any cost. That is why some famous people, even though they are rich, will not buy a new Ferrari car again because they have done something that Italy did not like. The daily newspaper “Mundo Deportivo” has learned that the company is no longer interested in supporting celebrities.

Justin Bieber

He was probably banned due to a strange situation he did a few years ago. The Canadian forgot where he parked his Ferrari 458 Italia. Do you think it could happen to anyone? He was looking for his car…two weeks! At one point, he even thought it had been stolen. The Italian producer did not like this behavior very much and it seemed irresponsible. In addition, Ferrari did not like the fact that Bieber’s car was slightly modified.

Floyd Mayweather

Mayweather is an American boxer who has never lost a fight. Boxers often love glamor and luxury and brag about it online. Moreover, bragging about various “extras” discouraged the manufacturer from Maranello from selling his cars to him. After all, he has a few Italian cars in the garage, he just has to buy in a different way than from the showroom.

50 Cent

The rapper boasted of many Ferrari models, but the habit that got 50 Cent to the Italians was washing the car with … champagne. He washed the Ferrari F50 with an alcoholic drink. In addition, he complained on social media about a Ferrari 488 loaded on a delivery truck, signing that he no longer wants this car. Turns out the car had a dead battery and was poorly maintained.


As with Bieber, this artist also hides his possibility of buying a new Ferrari through mods. His 458 Spyder was decorated with Nyan Cat, a meme with a cat and a rainbow flying behind it. The interior was also changed, and the car itself was nicknamed “Purrari”.

The brand asked the car to be restored to its original appearance, but Dedmau5 did not comply. This is how Ferrari found an artist on his blacklist. Later he also scored a Lamborghini Huracan.

Nicolas Cage

Nicolas Cage missed his chance to buy a new product from Maranello due to financial problems. The actor is known for his huge collection of cars, which also includes the legendary Ferrari Enzo. Unfortunately, due to financial problems, he had to sell the car below the market price. This fact did not impress the Ferrari authorities.

Photo: Karissa Hosek / RM Sotheby’s / RM Sotherby’s

Ferrari Enzo – model photo


Another American rapper and again financial problems, although it is completely different from the case of Cage. Tyga has many luxury cars, he also has money, but he forgets to pay for them. Rappers often lease cars, then stop paying installments, and this is exactly what happened with the Ferrari 458 Spyder. The reaction of the Italians was obvious.