Challenge: The dangerous trend of TikTok – what motivates children and young people to imitate?

Challenge: The dangerous trend of TikTok – what motivates children and young people to imitate?

From 28 May 2023 11:58 am

Doing good – and talking about it? Not on TikTok, one of the most popular social media platforms in the world. Where once there were lively dances and exuberant performances, life-threatening movements and challenges are now prevalent. Which? Any why is it like this? What can you do about it?

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The worse you are, the more successful in the algorithm, the better TikTok works. And that is exactly what motivates many children and young people to participate in the so-called TikTok Challenges – even if they risk their health, their lives or their privacy.

Even criminal activities are coordinated to reach as many people as possible. Because the most successful videos are those that are watched to the end and have the right hashtags.

Here are the most prominent challenges of last year:

Blackout Challenge – Get tired until you drop

For many headlines, the known Blackout Challenge to be taken care of. Young people especially hang themselves in front of the camera until it’s over. Several children are said to have paid for the dangerous competition with their lives.

Sleepy Chicken Challenge – Chicken and Fever Juice

They are also not gentle: the Sleeping Chicken The trend. Chicken meat is fried with fever juice “Nyquil”. It is said to taste good and help you sleep.

The results not only look disgusting, but can also have serious health consequences. When the fever juice is heated, the water and alcohol explode. This increases the concentration of other active ingredients. So “joy” can quickly lead to an overdose. The result is serious breathing problems.

Chicken with cough syrup – what disgusts adults is becoming a dangerous trend on TikTok.
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Mouth Tapping – Isolate the mouth for deep sleep

Sleeping well seems to be a youth issue. Because even for what is known Tap the mouth it is speculated about a deeper and healthier sleep state.

To do this, young TikTokers simply place a piece of adhesive tape on their lips. This should lead to breathing through your nose while you sleep, stir a little and lose weight on top of that. It’s just stupid if the brain is given too little oxygen at the same time…

Dry Scooping Challenge – pre-workout caffeine overdose

If you translate “dry scoop” into German, it means something like “dry spoon”. On TikTok, this means putting a scoop of protein or pre-workout powder in your mouth before you exercise – without water. This should provide an energy boost during training.

A style that has two health risks at the same time: You can easily choke on the dried powder – and eventually suffocate. In addition, the high caffeine in the powder puts a burden on the body and can even cause heart attacks.

Kia Challenger – a short cycle car only

It is not harmful to health, but a lot of crime, it is known The Kia Challenge. After rumors spread on TikTok that Kia and Hyundai cars were too easy for a short circuit, the first influencers and imitators went to work. Breaking a car is definitely a minor offense.

Breaking a car yourself was the task of the TikTok challenge last year.
Photo rights: dpa

How can you protect children and young people from dangerous behavior?

Parents and grandparents are worried about how to protect their children and grandchildren from the challenges of TikTok. At least until the age of ten, children should generally not be left alone with smartphones or tablets. For a while after that, the main things that help are education and listening.

How does Tiktok work? What are the latest trends – and what makes them dangerous? Talk about it and encourage your followers to use the platform carefully.


(This article was first published on 03/06/2023.)

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