Cham behavior stars in restaurants.  What did Meghan do?

Cham behavior stars in restaurants. What did Meghan do?

Meghan Markle, Naomi Campbell, Anna Wintour … Among other things, these stars were injured for bad behavior in restaurants and mistreatment of employees. What does Michael Cecchi-Azzolina reveal in his book?

It’s no secret that many celebrities can behave unkindly and treat the people they work for or in the service industry early on. It must be remembered, however, that in today’s world nothing remains a secret for long and all things eventually come to light.

The memoirs of Michael Cecchi-Azzolina have recently been released on the market Your Table Is Ready: Stories of New York City’s Maître D, who for many years worked as a manager of New York’s best restaurants. In his book, he mentioned the famous customers who placed stars and did not show respect to the employees of the palace. Between them Meghan Markle

Non-traditional behavior of stars in restaurants. What did Michael Cecchi-Azzolina reveal?

He went first Meghan Markle. The situation with him in the lead role happened when he had not yet met Harry. Azzolina met her assistant. The future duchess was watching the scene in silence his employee was shouting to the room manager that his customer wanted a private table, therefore it had to approve such behavior. Everything went right after arriving at the venue 20 minutes before the agreed time, and the event took place in 2017 at the famous Le Coucou restaurant.

You notice that my client is dating Prince Harry and soon she will be a duchess?! And you don’t have a private table for us? Meghan’s helper with fever.

Azzolina recalls the situation as follows:

At first, I wanted to laugh. I didn’t care who he was seeing Prince Harry. Judging by how the people in the bar reacted, nobody else cared about it either – he comments in his book – Our guests are the most powerful people in the world, they do not attract anyone – He finally responded to the aggressive behavior of Meghan’s person.

Also Naomi Campbell revealed to the memoirist:

He appeared unannounced, was mean to the staff, always complaining. We were afraid of him every time he visited us. We had to listen to him a lot – he recalls.

Anna Wintourthe distinguished editor-in-chief of the American edition vogue, he also left unpleasant memories.

That was a nightmare. He came without reservation. He always ordered that the meat should not be stuffed. He demanded it be delivered immediately. God forbid the meat will be just a little rare. Then he looked at the waiter as if he had been given a rat on a plate. He told me to redo everything. Maybe it was the raw meat that made it so dry.

This should give the stars something to think about. The behavior of each of them can make them subject to exclusion from the public. In the age of social networks, it is not ideal for photos, which are often important for work done by famous people.

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