CHAMBER.  Luci, Adelar and Admar, the mayors of which many indicated the positions of the new Board of Directors

CHAMBER. Luci, Adelar and Admar, the mayors of which many indicated the positions of the new Board of Directors

Written by Maiquel Rosauro

The new division of the positions of the Board of Directors of the Assembly of Santa Maria shows the political power of three members of parliament from the group that won the presidential election, at the end of last year. Of the 16 recommendations, three councilors take almost half.

Who leads the number of nominees, for the second year seriesIt is Luci Duartes – Aunt Fire (PDT), with three names: Simone Ferrarias head of the Warehouse Unit; Lucas Ferrari Pereira, head of the Procurement, Tenders and Contracts Division; and Gisele Grendene Limaas the Director of People Management.

Admar Pozzobom (PSDB) showed two: Thais Hoerle in the position of director of Community Communication and head of the Information Technology Division, who has not yet been appointed. Adelar Vargas – Ball (MDB) also has two names: Sergio Santos, as head of the Equity Division; and Elaine Essias director of administration.

On the other hand, it is worth noting that PT, a party that has three councilors (the same number as PSDB), was left with only the third and fourth positions in that office. In other words, he did not show any old man who earns more than R$ 15,000 (see the chart below) and did not even have a second level board.

Previously, in the division of the group, PT would have a Directorate of Social Communication. But, at some point, the selection fell on Admar. And it was not a friendly conversation. Behind the scenes, there were heated discussions about the matter. However, the results of Ricardo Blattes (PT) of Parliament, who took permission to take place in Brazilseems to have calmed down.

Juliano Soares – Juba (PSDB), to the surprise of zero people, showed no one. Shortly after the election of the Board of Directors, he made it known it was not a part of the group of the 13 councilors who won the election, since he was excluded from running for the presidency of the Council – a position that was in the hands of the young man. Givago Ribeiro (PSDB).

Who also did not indicate that anyone was a guest of the group, Rudine Rodrigues – Rudys (MDB). But emedebista did not leave empty handed. sources of website explain that Rudys has two CCs in the government of Jorge Pozzobom (PSDB).

See below the 16 positions of the Board of Directors 2023, as specified by website This Wednesday (25):