Charles Leclerc takes a look at Ferrari’s kitchen after a strategic error

Charles Leclerc takes a look at Ferrari’s kitchen after a strategic error

Charles Leclerc faced with an eighty point deficit during the summer break Max Verstappen and so it seems despite its blazing speed Ferrari not looking hopeful for Monegask at that time. One of the main reasons for this significant pile-up is the Ferrari sliding into the pit wall. Leclerc remains positive.

The Ferrari Season is an all-round fantastic ride to the summer break. After the first few races, the fast Italian team looked like the favorites for the world championship, but now we have reached the summer break and things are looking very bad for Leclerc and his team. Partly due to strategic errors, for example, Monaco and the last race in Hungary, Leclerc has to try to make a big gap in his first world title after the holidays.

It must be better

It will be a difficult task for the Maranello racing team, which will also have to ask every race if they are not going wrong with the strategy. Leclerc objects BBC how his team tries to improve based on the mistakes made. “Let’s just say we have to work on that. We want to do everything we can to be the best at what we do. Of course there were strategic issues in the first half of the season,” the number two said. world championship.

Process content

Leclerc provides insight into the process after such mistakes. “We work very hard to be better. After a mistake we always go through the whole process. That means trying to analyze where the mistakes came from and why we made the wrong decision at some point in the race. We understand where the mistake comes from, we can continue,” says Leclerc. about the process where he and she Carlos Sainz closely involved. “I believe it will be better.”

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