Cheap Day Pininfarina Day: Mitsubishi Colt CZC

Cheap Day Pininfarina Day: Mitsubishi Colt CZC

Looking for a cheap car with a famous Italian home design logo? Maybe the Mitsubishi Colt CZC is something for you, because it was designed and built by Pininfarina.

That’s right, the old Mitsubishi that was painted and built by a famous Italian-style house. Not surprisingly, because Pininfarina has taken several similar jobs in recent decades. For example, last week we focused on the Hyundai Matrix, while Pininfarina currently also works on electric SUVs and pick-ups. Are you just drawing awesome Ferrari? So I did not think so.

206 CC

Go back to Colt CZC, because after the turn of the century it also came from Pininfarina. According to the standard Mitsubishi Colt, but with a real folding roof so you can turn it into a real replacement. It is a concept you cannot imagine today, but during the development of this car (2006) it was a popular place. Peugeot had previously scored more goals with 206 CC, but Opel and Nissan also came in with the Tigra Twin-Top and – to say the least – by hitting Micra C + C.

Car brochure: Concept Mitsubishi Colt Coupé-Cabriolet

However, the Japanese themselves did not have the time (or direction) in the full development of such a car, so it asked Pininfarina to draw and build a model. But the Italians were probably also short on time, because it took, as it were, the old Fiat design from the closet and used it for the Colt. Unfortunately, our Sjoerd van Bilsen at that time was one of the first journalists in the world to know that an adaptable version of the Colt appeared. How, you can read that here.

Turbo Engine

At the same time, Mitsubishi decided that the Colt CZC should be the most sporty in its class, so it supplied with a 1.5-liter four-cylinder that delivered 150 hp with turbo support. It looks good, but that also made it more expensive than the competition. And that by the time the market for cheap currency exchange equipment had already dwindled around the introduction of CZC.

You can guess: CZC did not succeed at all. Pininfarina, which also built a car in Turin, provided less than 17,000 cars in two years. Hold hands, sand on it and never talk about it again, you might say. But no, Colt CZC got a big tail. Mitsubishi was of the opinion that Pininfarina had started CZC production too slowly. It also found that the quality of construction was incomplete, so it submitted a claim of 43.4 million euros. The Italians were not happy with this, because according to Pininfarina, Mitsubishi had rated CZC hopelessly. It also found that the Japanese car manufacturer had not done enough to sell the car.

Big claims

The result? Dai 100 million on Mitsubishi pants. Finally, the judge ruled that Pininfarina was entitled to 37.9 million euros, but also had to pay Mitsubishi 20.5 million euros because it started production of CZC too late. In short: CZC has cost Mitsubishi a lot.

HYTS Gallery –

Brexit for Mitsubishi: specific and historical examples under the hammer

But that makes it a car with a unique story. And you are looking for a very cheap converter and you do not want Peugeot 206 CC, then Colt CZC like that is not a crazy option. You can buy a smart event for about three main ones, but it is wise to go for a version with a unique color scheme and a 150 hp turbo engine. You do not find a combination like this very easily in our country at the moment.

Used Mitsubishi Colt CZC

There are only two 150 hp versions on sale in our country, both of which are painted in a dignified gray. And that also means a good price, because the clean CZC below which has run 141,000 kilometers should cost 7499 euros. Not important: with that money you also get climate control, leather steering wheel and warm sports seats. Additionally, the Colt CZC was a fun car to drive because of its tough chassis and powerful turbo engine. But it is doubtful whether it is a common classic in decision making.

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