Cheap racing cars: modified BRZ and GR86 for Japan

Cheap racing cars: modified BRZ and GR86 for Japan

An affordable racing series with the right car to go with it: Japan makes it possible. Of Subaru BRZ and Toyota GR86 should for Toyota Gazoo Competition GR86/The 2022 BRZ Cup Series provides the foundation. Cup Car Basic models come with several modifications that make driving on the race track safer. The price can’t be beat: The Subaru available for the equivalent of 25,181 euros and the Toyota for 25,148 euros.

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The simple design leaves room for individual adjustment

Both cars are offered with very simple differences. So no spoilers and just black steel rims. It is believed that the buyers themselves will change so much about the appearance of their car that the factory modifications will not make sense. But as mentioned at the beginning, there are several modifications that aim to make the race safer for the driver. Among them, Subaru and Toyota have one Sixth part of the castle, with horizontal protection bars that provide additional side protection. Eyecups are also pre-installed on the driver’s seat connect the belt to be able to attach.

Subaru BRZ Cup Car

The Subaru BRZ has a six-point suspension in the Base Coupe Edition.

Drive power as in the road version

The heart of the cars, the engine, is no different from the street versions available in Japan. That’s how they come Subaru BRZ And 200 hp and 205 Nm and Toyota GR86 And 234 hp and 250 Nm. Both cars have a standard six-speed manual gearbox.

The classic GR86 is also coming to Europe

According to Subaru’s estimates, only 30 BRZ Cup Car Basic models may be sold per year – Toyota did not provide an estimate. Unfortunately, we won’t have a BRZ – not in a regular version or in a modified version. The regular GR86 will be available in Europe from April 2022, but it is not known if a racing version will also come to us.

Subaru BRZ Cup Car

Not as a regular or modified version: the BRZ will not be available in Europe.

The race starts on July 16

The 2022 Toyota Gazoo Racing GR86/BRZ Cup Series will begin on July 16 at Fuji Speedway in Oyama/Japan. Other venues include Sportsland Sugo, Tokachi Speedway, Suzuka Circuit and Okayama International Circuit. The cup has a class for amateurs (Clubman Series) and for professionals (Professional Series).