Check out Point Infinity: the security architecture of the future

Check out Point Infinity: the security architecture of the future

Check Point Software Technologies has launched Check Point Infinity, a revolutionary network security architecture designed to meet all of your organization’s security needs. Check Point Infinity is the first integrated security system for the Internet, cloud and mobile devices, providing unparalleled prevention of the threats of the growing number of cyber attacks.

Check Point Infinity is the culmination of our core vision to build a security architecture that combines the most advanced security, best intelligence and best management we can offer across networks, cloud and mobile. – says Gabi Reish, VP Product Manager at Check Point.

Our security architecture is designed to prepare organizations for the rigors of the changes occurring in information technology. The principle is simple – a uniform corporate security architecture, in any environment with the most efficient and effective IT operations.

Check Point Infinity implements this vision through a unique combination of three key components:


One security platform:

the use of common systems, threat intelligence sharing, and an open infrastructure that provides unparalleled security across networks, cloud, and mobile devices.


Preventing the risk of prevention:

focus on preventing the most sophisticated, known, and unknown attacks before they happen.


Integrated system:

single management, seasonal security policy management and an integrated view of the threat, to ensure an effective, centralized security system.

Check Point protects customers with innovative and modern solutions

Advances in technology contributed to significant improvements in organizational performance, but these changes also affected the approach to security. Check Point Infinity aims to meet the architecture requirements of the future, while introducing new possibilities: Security management: R80.10 offers dozens of new capabilities and enhancements, including a unique set of security policies, multiple security zones, and better performance to protect your business from threats, anytime, anywhere. Cloud: Check Point’s comprehensive updated vSEC Cloud Security portfolio integrates with private and public systems to keep the cloud secure. Cell phone: The new SandBlast Mobile represents a one-of-a-kind, integrated, cross-platform solution that protects your business from mobile breaches. SandBlast Mobile detects and blocks known and unknown malware to protect against dubious Wi-Fi networks, man-in-the-middle attacks, and identity theft in SMS messages. Risk Prevention: Check Point’s new Anti-Ransomware technology allows companies to protect themselves against cybercrime and even the most sophisticated ransomware. Safety equipment: Check Point has launched new, advanced security ports – 44,000 and 64,000, with the world’s fastest threat prevention platform with 42 Gbps for threat prevention “Real World Production” and as much as 636 Gbps for firewall Production “Real-World” Firewall “. The gateway also includes a “multi-blade chassis” to support the needs of fast-changing networks and provide the high performance and reliability necessary to ensure network security.

Check Point Infinity will open the door to significantly improve the security of our customers, taking into account future technological developments, by providing a unified architecture and leading protection against threats for all platforms – networks, clouds and mobile devices. Gabi Reish concludes.

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