Check out the Chili Chocolate Skewer

Check out the Chili Chocolate Skewer


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Where is the actor who played it? Stelinha in Chocolate and chili? Marcela Barrozo he was just 11 years old when he formed the cast of the soap opera, which first aired in 2003.

Now, almost 20 years later, the young lady can be revisited because the plot is repeated in a Globo special. Estelnha, his character, is the daughter of Vivaldo (Fúlvio Stefanini) and Barbara (Lilia Cabral).

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Being on open TV every day, many people have been trying to know what Marcela Barrozo has been doing with her life, if she quit her job and how she is doing now.

Marcela Barroso is Estelnha in Chocolate and Pepper

As a child/teenager, it is worth remembering that, along with Chocolate com Pimenta, he created the soap operas Sabor da Paixão, Senhora do Destino, Malhação and Duas Caras.

And, of course, she didn’t stop acting even after her baby phase. She was in Beauty the Ugly; Life in the game; The Ten Commandments and the latest, Genesis, released by Record TV in 2021.

Uriala (Marcela Barrozo) in Genesis (TV Production/Record)

Marcela Barrozo at the moment

I am very happy with the new version of Chocolate com Pimenta, Marcela Barrozo also commented on the debut of Senhora do Destino in the Globoplay catalog.

“I’m really happy it’s coming back, especially since they were two important soap shows for me as a professional. And it’s great to watch as an audience. It’s been a long time, so it’s a way to kill the nostalgia, look at how I was then. It’s a great memory”announced the actor Patricia Kogut column.

In 2022, Marcela turned 30 and married lawyer Luiz Fernando Pinto. In the same interview, she talks about her relationship with her husband’s son, who is 11 years old.

“My stepson likes to watch everything I do. He enjoys the “Chili Chocolate” because it will be used when he comes home from school. My relationship with him has always been very good.” it shows.

Marcela Barroso at her wedding and alone in a recent photo

Estelnha Chili Chocolate Blast

In order to have a plan B in her career, according to Marcela, she started studying Journalism in college. However, he had to stop due to the work that happened.

As time went on, the actor says it became more difficult to get opportunities in acting. This led him to choose a completely different profession: he is now studying dentistry.

“I have always been editing one episode after another since I was little. Over the years, it has become more and more difficult to find a job, so I decided to study Dentistry. I’ve never seen myself doing anything other than acting, but we need to work. I don’t like sitting at home waiting for something to fall from the sky. It’s plan B”

Despite the new degree, Marcela Barrozo explains that what she likes most is acting. “That is my priority. Now the jobs are getting less and less, so that I can have another profession and my livelihood, I need to have this degree, there is no way.“, it notes.

Actress Marcela Barrozo


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