Check out the Video series of ‘The Marvelous Ms.  Season 5 of Maisel

Check out the Video series of ‘The Marvelous Ms. Season 5 of Maisel

Always leave them wanting more. This series has succeeded in that.

Direction: Amy Sherman-Palladino, Daisy von Sherler Mayer, Daniel Palladino | send: Rachel Brosnahan (Miriam Maisel), Alex Borstein (Susie Myerson), Tony Shalhoub (Abe Weissman), Jane Lynch (Sophie Lennon), Luke Kirby (Lenny Bruce), and others | Sessions: 9 | Playing time: 49-75 minutes | Year: 2023

When a series about a character is in its planned final season, the question is: how will it end with him? We’ll have to wait until the final episode to find out the answer to that. Except that A wonderful lady. Maisel is, because the series already gives the answer in the opening scene: Midge has broken and is now a world famous star, very rich. Tension then suddenly exists and the question of what exactly that success will be.

Season four ended with Miriam ending up in front of The Gordon Ford Show Billboard during a snowstorm, season five begins with mild amnesia from hypothermia. But shortly after, Gordon Ford, a talk show host, accidentally visits the club where Miriam is performing. He offers her a job as a writer for his program, where it is a strict rule that employees will never be a stranger. Miriam sees that as more of a challenge.

Each episode will take a glimpse into the future, but the first one already shares the truth. Not only is Miriam famous, but not everyone is Mrs. Maisel finds it very ‘strange’. Her own daughter Esther has grown up and is in therapy to talk about her hatred for her mother. For a moment it makes one wonder how anyone could not love such a beautiful and talented woman. And then its limitations appear.

Of course his children will have their problems. It’s only been four seasons that Miriam often throws her children away with others, cares less about them when she’s around and even mocks them in front of them. Not only that, Miriam has always been spoiled rich. He is not lazy and quickly became the most skilled worker in any field of work, but not exactly an angel. Creator and writer Amy Sherman-Palladino is honest about herself and knows her characters very well.

A good example of this can be seen when Miriam’s agent and best friend Susie is burned at the place where the tradition originated: the Sibling Club. What an achievement, to know your character well so that you can burn it effectively. Miriam is also absent because apparently the two had a fight, which the episode explains in detail.

Especially in the second season A wonderful lady. Maisel occasionally reminiscent of the earlier Sherman-Palladino series Gilmore Girls, with soft and long conversations about trivial details in the topic. The pace at which the characters speak has been maintained, but in this final season everything is so focused on this series that nothing reminds of Lorelai and Rory. A fully convincing interior and exterior also helps.

Like A wonderful lady. Maisel has been very strong in something since day one, then it is believed that the story takes place in the late fifties and later in the sixties. Where Men lost madness created to allow everything to be done especially indoors, the characters get up A wonderful lady. Maisel occasionally outside, where the world has been changed in detail to that of sixty years ago – even in the broad picture.

Part of it must of course be completed with the help of a computer, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. In the final sequence, Miriam’s parents walk down a long Manhattan street where many taxis and other vehicles are stuck in traffic. Hundreds of complete meters of old models and actors in striking clothes: that must have a big price tag, regardless of how it was designed.

The camera work and mise-en-scene are excellent as usual. This time there is little time to show the artists’ performances quietly, but there is a lot of time when everything is done on a big set, with a lot of extras, and everything is shown so well that the viewer is just involved. Here too, the eye for detail is top notch.

The original basis of the series is still not lost, which is very easy due to the time it takes place: this time Miriam, as a woman, has to fight harder than men to get the attention she deserves more than others. Even at that critical moment in the past period.

To conclude, the last sequence in the last episode, gives a sad image that ends with a smile that this series has brought many times. Nothing is explained (which has already happened in previous episodes), so the viewer can fill in everything himself. The series could have continued for more seasons, but this is where the story would always end. Many elements were executed well from the beginning and this final season proves that the creators have never lowered their standards.


A wonderful lady. Maisel can be seen on Great Video.