Chery Ant is a Chinese electric car with motorcycle prices and a range of 400 km

Chery Ant is a Chinese electric car with motorcycle prices and a range of 400 km

Sales of facelifts have begun in China Chery Antthe previous version of the Sportequipe S1, a small electric car from the sports brand DR.

The car, presented in pink color as it is now in the eastern brands, has new aesthetics and configuration of three batteries with a range of 251, 301 and 408 kilometers at a price from 69,999 to 99,999 yuan, or between 9,000 and 13,000 €.

Chery’s answer to Smart

Chery Antand his Italian twin Sports team S1can position itself in Italy and Europe as indirect successors of the Smart ForTwo, now that the German brand has distorted its image by focusing on a variety of SUVs over 4 meters long.

Actually Chery Ant is one height 3.2 meters, less than 500, with a wheelbase of 2.1, width of 1.6 and height of 1.5. Very compact, therefore, and easy to park as well as easy and agile in city driving.

The modification does not bring significant changes to the exterior, except for a slight change in the images of the headlights. What changes are internal, which are also presented internally pink and lilac colorwith a large 10.4-inch center vertical display, electrically adjustable seats and 4G LTE network support as well as compatibility with BaiduCarLifeChina’s answer to CarPlay and Android Auto.

Engine, battery and freedom

Technically, there are three battery configurations: 25.05, 28.86 or 29.23 kWh. There are two engine options: one with 41 HP and one with 75 HP, which instead is combined with a larger battery of 40.3 kWh.

If then version from 41 HP it has an intermediate range of less than 250 or 301 kilometers depending on the county; that from 75 HP has an impressive increase up to 408 km, more than 500 or Peugeot 208, and around 420 kilometers of Smart #1. However, at a very low price.

How long Cherrywhich at present it shows a wonderful life in China, has shown its intention to officially export its cars to Europe, we do not know at the moment if Chery Ant will be available.

In Italy, as mentioned, there will be its twin not so different DRwith the standard finishes improved with a little “sweet” and a little sportier aesthetic.

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