Chery is preparing to set up its first European plant in Spain

Chery is preparing to set up its first European plant in Spain

Cherry, A well-known Chinese car manufacturer with a strong presence in the domestic market plans to expand towards Europe. This through a close agreement with Spain.

According to reliable sources in the automotive industry, the company has started talks with the Spanish government and EV Motors. A local specialist company electric cars, establishing its first European factory in the country. The main goal of this step is absorption existing infrastructure (mainly an old manufacturing plant Nissan is in Barcelona). To start production of his own cars.

Chery’s decision, international consequences

Discussion of Cherry they seem to have reached a high point. Together with Ministry of Industry The Spaniard who shows great faith in this agreement. Access to full control of the production plant for EVMotors, which took place recently, played an important role in facilitating these discussions and ensuring the success of the operation. The opening of one factory can bring great benefits for the country’s economy. It offers the ability to make up to 1,600 jobs and contribute to the revival of the industrial sector in this region. In addition, such cooperation can pave the way new plans also in the electric vehicle sector, still promising opportunities for development and growth.

as possible cooperation However, it also raises questions about that possibility Italy it had to be a host new factory. Despite the initial negotiations with the Italian authorities, it seems that Spain won in this competition. Thanks to the good conditions provided, which include some production contracts and existing infrastructure. This option may have some impact on the European automotive environment. Paving the way for a greater presence of Chinese companies in the continent. It remains to be seen how such a move will affect the market in the long run and whether other companies will follow suit Cherry in settling in the region.