Chery Omoda5: This is how the new compact SUV from China drives

Chery Omoda5: This is how the new compact SUV from China drives

No other Chinese manufacturer sells as many cars as Chery – and has done so since 2001. The automaker has so far avoided Europe, but that is over: the Omoda5 will be launched in the Netherlands in 2023, and will also be available here. in the spring of 2024 it will be available – in two variants.


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Although the industry in general and China in particular is based solely on electric vehicles, Chery is still committed to combustion engines and therefore follows a two-pronged approach. “There are enough customers in Germany who are losing new car prices to their existing brands for electrification,” says European boss Jochen Tüting. Chery doesn’t have to offer cheap prices to still be successful on price.

Omeda5 comes in compact SUV format

So we start with Omoda5, one of the most popular SUV, which aims at the heart of the compact class with a length of 4.40 meters and a wheelbase of 2.63 meters. It should probably be sold around 27,000 euros at the same level as new Hyundai Kona sleep That is not surprising when you know that Koreans are not only supposed to be role models, but also detractors. (The best electric cars currently on the German market.)

Omoda5 has a wheelbase of 2.63 meters and a height of 4.40 meters. A slightly overheated grill is a matter of taste.

Photo: Chery Automobile

The Omoda5 grille with its diamond pattern seems a little excessive, and the red decorative elements in the rims are more than likely expected in a sports car, but the car at least maintains a certain degree of freedom.

Interior quality at a very high level

The interior is nowhere near as flashy and exciting as the Chinese. Instead of big screen themes and gaming apps, there’s an almost standard, free cockpit with a 25-inch display.

Chery Omoda5

Amazing: The elegant interior impresses with its choice of materials and functions – that’s BMW standards.

Photo: Chery Automobile

What is surprising is the elegant selection of accessories and decorative elements made of glass, the likes of which we have only seen so far – be careful! – from BMW to know And even if Omoda5 uses a common platform, there is still enough space for children and children.

A 1.6-liter turbo works up front

The car also lowers good stats while driving. The tandem of the 1.6 liter turbo petrol engine and the 7-speed clutch work smoothly and smoothly as one. VW Tiguan, with a good 180 hp and 275 Nm, the Chinese has enough bite. The chassis and handling are willing to compromise as the father of the family appreciates. Inconspicuous in the best sense of the word, which can do it Five from Wuhu is sufficiently explained.

Chery Omoda5

Smart: The 1.6-liter turbo in the front drives as smoothly and smoothly as the Tiguan. Only the assistance systems are annoying when driving.

Photo: Chery Automobile

If not many support systems the Chinese are proud of. Unfortunately, the lane and speed warning systems are so annoying that sometimes they cry and cry on the board like they are in the theater on a Friday night. You have to go back to your location in Raunheim, where Chery prepares cars for Europe.

Strong driving with a maximum speed of 190 km / h

Stronger impulse than road speed, from 0 to 100 km / h in seven seconds, 190 km / h at full volume and at least a little something for the ears – not only the speed and the sound that is not common in our trip. to China, but also At the end there is also a view of the on-board computer. More than 500 km of the remaining range is still on display after the test – maybe the old world of combustion engines is not so bad.

Electric and hybrid drives will follow

Or maybe it is? Of course, they also know at Chery that if not now, then at least the future is electric – and they have already prepared Omoda5 for this. Following the example of the Kona, the crossover will also be available as a hybrid shortly after launch – and of course also as a fully electric vehicle.

Chery Omoda5

Second variant: Shortly after the combustion engine, an electric version is also launched – with a more resilient front design.

Photo: Chery Automobile

Technically largely identical, it gets Five Not only the new grill, more socially acceptable without the extreme diamond look, but also the modern interior. This makes him look five years younger.

Walking up to 440 km

Above all, there is one instead of a petrol tank for an estimated price of more than 40,000 euros. Battery with 48 or 64 kWh, and instead of four cylinders, an electric motor with 100 or 150 kW. The Chinese expect that to be the case with the consumption stated by the manufacturer to be less than 15 kWh per 100 km. Frequency of 350 or 440 kilometers and thus be in the middle of the market.

Chery Omoda5

The electric Omoda5 has a 48 or 64 kWh battery – up to 440 km should be possible.

Photo: Chery Automobile

Only for Laden they will have a hard time competing. Because more than 11 kW in alternating current and 110 kW in direct current are not planned. At least not yet. Later there will be its electric platform, an 800 volt network and a remote charging capacity of more than 200 kW.