Chery’s concept car with a “very low” drag coefficient

Chery’s concept car with a “very low” drag coefficient

Chinese manufacturer Chery is targeting the European market with several brands. The company wants to export combustion engines, hybrids and electric vehicles. Chery is now emphasizing efforts in the area of ​​aerodynamics.

The concept car has set a new record among Asian automakers with its drag coefficient (Cd), according to reports. This was achieved by Chinese manufacturers taking the original as their example. More than 2,000 different optimization cases were implemented using intelligence-based simulation techniques. During a series of wind tunnel tests, a “very low” coefficient of 0.168 was found.

For comparison: Mercedes-Benz introduced the EQS luxury sedan in 2021 and announced it as the most aerodynamic car in the world with a coefficient of 0.20. The Lightyear 0 solar electric car is coming at 0.175, but was discontinued shortly before the start of series production scheduled for 2022.

The unspecified shape of the Chery car is said to be inspired by the body shape of a tuna fish. Taking into account the special curve of the dorsal fin of the tuna, the Chery manufacturers designed, among other things, air control elements to reduce the coefficient of air resistance.

“With this concept, we show what is currently possible with regard to a range of battery-electric models,” says Jochen Tüting. The knowledge gained will be incorporated into future generations of Chery vehicles, explains the managing director of the research and development center in Raunheim am Main. “As a traditional car manufacturer, we are a technology-driven company with more than 5,500 manufacturers worldwide. By introducing this space concept, we provide insight into our constant efforts to develop innovative technologies for the benefit of our customers.

Air resistance is one of the main factors affecting a vehicle’s energy consumption. It has gained additional importance in electric vehicles, as low air resistance ensures increased range.

At the “Chery Tech Day” a few weeks ago, company representatives announced 39 new global models for the next two years, 15 of which were electric cars and 24 hybrid versions.