Chevrolet Silverado facelift: ZR2 now also with diesel

Chevrolet Silverado facelift: ZR2 now also with diesel

The “Big Three” of the US auto industry are once again in the middle of an arms race. The current focus is on the most popular vehicle segment for US citizens: the pickup truck. Ford has presented the F-150 Raptor: 3.5-liter twin-turbo V6, 456 hp, maximum 691 Newton meters. Then Stellantis (formerly Fiat-Chrysler, before that Daimler-Chrysler and even earlier Chrysler) followed suit and hit it big with its Ram pick-up brand: the 1500 TRX has a supercharged 6.2-liter V8, which makes 712 hp and announced a brutal 881 Newton meters. Values ​​that the now-unveiled Ford F-150 Raptor R, also with a supercharged V8, may conflict with.

Apparently, Chevrolet no longer wanted to sit back and watch the two rivals’ performance-enhancing frenzy and is now engaging in the fascinating power dance. But the brand, which CEO Mary Barra is increasingly reducing to efficiency and sustainability, isn’t going as aggressively as the competition. It used the Silverado’s remote facelift for the 2022 model year to add a new sporty style to its lineup of flatbed trucks. But Chevy left it at that time with a variant of powerful equipment, which was especially improved in terms of off-road properties.

6.2 liter V8 with 426 hp and 624 Nm

It bears the name ZR2 and, of course, is also powered by a massive V8 engine. However, the 6.2-liter gasoline engine with a ten-speed automatic and already offered for pickup does not require a charge or any other type of performance increase, which is why it is content with 426 hp and a maximum of 624 Newton. meter. As an alternative, Chevrolet is bringing a three-liter inline six-cylinder diesel to the ZR2 for the 2024 model year, which we explain in more detail a few paragraphs below.

The chassis has already received the most significant changes for two years. A Multimatic chassis with damping fluids is used for the first time in Silverado in the ZR2: These have three fluid-filled chambers whose damping effect is electronically controlled by slide valves. There are also springs with longer travel, electronic locking differentials on both axles and new driving modes, which also include a “Terrain” option for rock crawling. 33-inch off-road tires mounted on custom 18-inch rims should also improve the pick-up’s off-road qualities.

Visual changes compared to the regular Silverado can be found on the front of the ZR2 in particular. Not only that there will be new steel bumpers that increase the approach angle and feature removable end caps that can be easily replaced if damaged. But also a radiator grille with its own shape and a light integrated with a black insert on the hood. There are also underride protection features, ZR2 logos and a twin exhaust pipe that has been moved forward a few centimeters to protect it from potential damage during off-road use. Inside, the hardcore Silverado has black and gray leather with black trim.

The ZR2 gets the Bison Pack

Like the ZR2, isn’t the Silverado off-road enough yet? No problem: Chevrolet introduced a more aggressive version of the Silverado for the 2023 model year. Those who order the Bison equipment package developed in conjunction with American Vehicles (AEV) can penetrate even deeper into the bushes. It’s not the first collaboration with a specialist off-road tuner and American equipment: the partners have already worked together on the Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 small pick-up and created the Bison line.

The bumpers here are made of three-millimeter-thick, powder-coated steel and each has a step. The front mate has three parts and has towing hooks and, if desired, a mount for a cable winch. Strong steel brackets protect the sills of the Silverado ZR2. A total of five metal guards under the fuel tank, engine oil pan, new locking differentials mounted on both axles and the transfer case should take up more than the standard ZR2’s. On top of that, GM engineers have tuned the ZR2’s off-road chassis even more aggressively. Although the ground clearance is unchanged compared to the standard ZR2 (28.5 cm), the approach angles at both ends of the pick-up should be slightly improved.

Bison Surcharge of $8,000

Another visual element of the Bison package is the body-colored cross bar in the radiator grille, which bears the ZR2 logo. The tailgate, which is always installed in its popular Multi-Flex variant, has a matt black insert in the upper area. The ZR2 Bison rolls on solid 18-inch wheels with gloss black paint, wrapped in 33-inch Goodyear Wrangler Territory MT tires. Inside there are new climate floor mats and headliners; they also have the AEV logo.

General Motors

The 18-inch black rims always wear 33-inch Goodyear Wrangler Territory MT tires all around.

For the Silverado ZR2 with the Bison package, Chevrolet is charging $81,385 (currently a cool €74,800) plus transmission. This makes the $7,895 model variant (around €7,300) more expensive than the regular ZR2. This will definitely be a little cheaper with a diesel engine; However, Chevrolet has not revealed the exact price yet.

Best diesel since model year 2023

The standard Silverado variants already benefited from central changes for the new 2023 model year: In the past, Chevrolet improved the Duramax turbodiesel, a displacement of three liters that is distributed over six cylinders arranged in a row. The diesel received new steel pistons, an improved turbocharger, different injectors and better temperature management. Thanks to these measures, the power rose from 281 to 309 hp, while the maximum torque increased from 624 to 671 Newton meters. As always, Chevrolet combines the diesel engine only with a ten-speed automatic.

Improvements for model year 2022

For the 2022 model year, the Silverado didn’t just receive a facelift; Standard model variants were also able to anticipate suitable changes. Freestanding front fascias with a different apron, a new radiator grille and low-profile headlights were available on every Silverado equipment line as part of the facelift. LT models also feature new daytime running lights and an animated light sequence when approaching and leaving the vehicle. There were also three new exterior colors, ash gray, sandblasted and bright blue.

Chevrolet Silverado: facelift for the 2022 model year

General Motors

Chevrolet has upgraded the interior with larger monitors starting with the LT kit. The configurable four-way instrument display measures 12.3 inches diagonally, while the central touchscreen measures 13.4 inches. There was also an optional head-up display and a filter that shows images from the rear camera. Voice command operation now works via Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa if desired, while smartphones can be connected wirelessly via Android Auto or Apple Carplay.

Beautiful colors and high quality materials

In terms of design, the dashboard is laid out more widely since the facelift has horizontal rather than vertical lines. Better colors and higher quality materials are available for model versions in more expensive lines. The high-end High Country features classic open-pore wood, leather seats with contrasting stitching and stainless steel grilles for the Bose sound system speakers. Cars with bucket seats also get a redesigned, electronically controlled automatic gear selector on the center console. On all other Silverado variants, this is still on the right side behind the steering wheel.

As part of the facelift, the pick-up also received modified drives. Since then, the base engine, a four-cylinder turbo petrol engine with a displacement of 2.7 liters, has had a stiffer block and a stronger crankshaft. This should benefit not only smooth running, but also high torque, which increases from 472 to 569 Newton meters. At the same time, the eight-speed automatic transmission should be characterized by fast and smooth gear changes. Chevrolet now powers the Silverado with a three-liter V6 Duramax turbo diesel with an upgraded chassis, which is why it can now be equipped with the “Max Tow Package” and thus be able to tow a heavier trailer.

Optional with Super Cruise

In addition, Chevy voluntarily offered the latest step in the evolution of the Super Cruise steering assistant. This enables hands-free driving on approximately 320,000 kilometers of the North American road network, with the system constantly monitoring whether the driver is paying attention. For the Silverado, Super Cruise is specifically designed for towing trailers, and can be paired with dedicated camera systems. A six-item support package is standard on board.

The first models of the updated Chevrolet Silverado have been hitting North American roads since spring 2022. Prices currently start at $41,095 (just under €38,000) for the base model with a four-door crew cab, short cargo area and engine 2.7 liter four-cylinder petrol.

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The ZR2 variant of the Chevrolet Silverado, already introduced for the 2022 model year, may soon be equipped not only with a 6.2-liter V8, but also with a 3.0-liter R6 turbo diesel. The Bison hardcore package is also available for a year now. In addition, as part of the facelift, it received one of the best and most modern driver assistance systems in a specially modified form. Inside, too, the pick-up seems to have made a leap forward. Some of the competition may offer more power, but the Silverado is likely the most modern platform truck in comparison.