Chevy Chase: Falling Star!  He was called a monster

Chevy Chase: Falling Star! He was called a monster

The actor got his start in the 1970s on “Saturday Night Live” and quickly became one of its breakout stars. He left the regular cast in 1976, but made frequent guest appearances for the next 20 years, until a dispute with the station led to his firing. Others held their breath after leaving.

Chevy Chase did not pay attention to his colleague’s words. One participant admitted that Chase is the worst presenter, while others directly called him a monster.

In the 90s he was at the peak of his career and it seemed that nothing could threaten his position. What happened was different, and he can blame himself for his failure. Confident in his position, he refused many roles in films that are considered cult today – “Terminator”, “Forrest Gump” or “American Beauty”. He failed to get out of the drawer of the king of comedy.

The success was supposed to be in 2009, when the actor got a job in the series “Community”. The production quickly gained cult status and is still fondly remembered. After several seasons, however, Chase was fired from the cast and his character was killed off. His behavior on the set was far from ideal. Actor and rapper Donald Glover was in danger of being attacked by the old star. However, the producers had a lot of patience with the famous comedian. Chase insulted artists, writers and producers. He often clashed with other actors.

The move ended when he said that viewers find Donald Glover funny just because he’s black. Donald Glover in one of the conversations admitted that Chase was trying to fight against time:

Since then, Chase has not returned to the top and has changed almost beyond recognition. In 2015, the internet circulated photos that shocked the star’s fans. Chase openly admitted that he does not avoid food and cigarettes. The change in the actor’s appearance in just a decade led one tabloid to give him the nickname “Chubby” Chase (Chubby Chase).

Three years later, the whole world learned the reason for the actor’s problems thanks to an interview with the Washington Post. In 2018, Chase revealed that he had been diagnosed with alcoholic heart disease. This heart disease is caused by drinking too much alcohol over a long period of time. The daughter of the actress recalled that she first drank several glasses of wine a day, then a bottle, and finally began to reach for vodka. After he stopped talking to him and his wife threatened to leave him, Chase gave up alcohol.

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Today, the actor is slowly trying to regain his lost position. He appeared in two films last year and is currently in production for The Ogilvy Fortune. In addition, the comedian performs on stage and often participates in meetings with the audience. Soon he will talk about his iconic role in “In the mirror: Hello, Santa Claus.”

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