China electric car, Byd unveils first Yangwang brand: U8 SUV “inspired” by Land Rover Defender arrives

China electric car, Byd unveils first Yangwang brand: U8 SUV “inspired” by Land Rover Defender arrives

Byd, a Chinese brand that is now leading the world electric cars is launching an unusual luxury brand: Yangwang, which intends to target, in particular, the first European brands with the first two models called the U8 (SUV size XL) and the super sports car U9.

It is not clear whether the two models will be sold in Western markets, given that the cars are currently only sold in the Chinese market where they are offered with a list price starting at 1 million yuan which, at current exchange rates, represents the same. of less than 140 thousand euros.

The SUV delivers a massive power of 1,000 hp

There U8 was born as a 5.3 meter 7-seater SUV and challenges industry prowess such as land Rover Defender which is inspired aesthetically and Mercedes G-Classbased on a power train driven by a battery of more than 1,000 hp and an electrical system of 800 volts. Shame on the unnatural line (the Chinese cannot overcome the desire to copy) because the approach seems to be of a high level.

It is recognized for accelerating from 0 to 100 km / h in 3 seconds. It is built on an unprecedented platform, has four motors and offers the most extreme mobility in all conditions of the trap. Among the good things about the SUV is the possibility of being able to travel up to a speed of 120 kmh even with a flat tire.

The U8 has sensors for autonomous driving

The battery is locked and therefore the SUV can cope with even the most demanding routes. The truly aggressive style offers the most cleverly designed LED light clusters that are added to the cuts on the wheel arches and also on the rear pillar, unique for its kind. On the other hand, the U8 offers autonomous driving sensors that are attached to the roof. In addition, the outer spare wheel mounted on the tailgate is surrounded by LED lights that make it very attractive. In short, a very interesting alternative.